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Welcome to WGU's Professional Certificates


Thinking about moving up in your job? A professional certificate from WGU can be the push you need. It's like adding a badge of honor to your resume. This badge tells employers you've got the skills and knowledge they're looking for.

The workforce changes so quickly and now more than ever we need to keep up to date. Jobs today need new skills. With a certificate, you're showing you’ve got the latest know-how. It’s a smart way to learn fast and prove that you’re ready to take on more. 

Employers like to see workers who want to learn and grow. With a WGU certificate, they'll know you mean business. When new chances arrive - like promotions or better jobs - you'll be in a great spot to achieve them.

Ready to give your career that boost? Dive into our certificate programs. They're crafted just for people like you who want to succeed even more. 

*We also offer single courses and course bundles. By completing a WGU certificate, single course or course bundle, and providing proof of high school or equivalent completion, you will be guaranteed admission to a WGU bachelor's degree program with fully transferable courses.


$2,250 - $2,950

Based on the number of courses and term length*

*If the certificate is not completed within its designated 4 - 5 month term period, a $499 monthly extension fee will be charged until completed or withdrawn. You may cancel at any time.

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You don't have to wait for a new term to start a certificate!

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*Time to completion will vary for single courses, bundles, and certificate offerings.