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HESI Admissions Assessment (A2)

HESI Admissions Assessment (A2)

The HESI Admissions Assessment (A2) is a standardized entrance exam designed to identify students’ academic strengths and areas where improvement may be needed to fully support their academic success. It evaluates knowledge and skills in three primary academic areas: English Language, Math, and Science. A composite percentage score is provided by averaging the results of all exams completed. 

WGU requires the HESI A2 exam to be passed prior to admission to the Prelicensure Nursing Program. Applicants must pass each section with a minimum score of 75%. You are allowed 300 minutes total to complete all 6 sections of the exam.  To ensure you do not run out of time, please be mindful of how you allocate your time for each section.

The HESI A2 must be completed within 5 years of your desired start date. If expired, you will need to retake all sections. The HESI A2 consists of several sections, but only the following sections are required:

  • Vocabulary: 55 questions
  • Reading 55 questions
  • Grammar: 55 questions
  • Math: 55 questions
  • Biology: This section will be graded but not considered in your admissions review.  It will be used to provide insight on support needed to be successful in your program.
  • Learning Styles: 14 questions: This section is not graded. It will be used to provide insight on support needed to be successful in your program. 

How to Sign up for the HESI A2

The HESI A2 exam is administered by Elsevier with online proctoring through ProctorU.

You will need to create an Elsevier Evolve Student Account as well as a ProctorU Account to take the exam. The instructions for creating both accounts and scheduling the HESI A2 exam are listed on the ProctorU Portal

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential you read and follow the directions carefully to ensure successful completion of this admission requirement.

To ensure that your test results are correctly attributed to your WGU application, please register for the exam with the same email address you used on your WGU application. 

To set up your accounts for Elsevier and ProctorU, click this link:  ProctorU Portal 

Scroll to the section title “Getting Started is Simple” and follow the instructions and links provided to set up both accounts.

Once you have set up your Elsevier Evolve Account and your ProctorU account you are ready to schedule your exam:

Please be mindful of the section titled “Schedule an Exam” and follow the instructions carefully.  Below is helpful information to assist you in scheduling your exam:

  • Confirm institution as "Elsevier - HESI“
  • Select a term for "Western Governors University“
  • Select your exam as "BSPN Traditional HESI Admission Assessment”

Now you are ready to schedule your exam (Step 6)

Please continue to scroll down on the ProctorU page to view information on the following:

  • Checking your equipment
  • HESI/ProctorU Exam Rules
  • Review videos
  • ProctorU support information

For information on the HESI A2 exam, click this link: Elsevier

If you have any questions, please use the Live Chat Support option on ProctorU’s website or give them a call at 855-772-8678 for real-time support assistance.

Cost and Payment

The cost of the exam is $75. Payment is required when a testing time is scheduled with ProctorU.

Exam Results

WGU will automatically receive your exam results within five business days. There is no need for you to send your scores to WGU unless you’ve taken the HESI for another school’s nursing application. Request your HESI transcripts and send your scores to

If you did not score 75% or higher on one of the required sections you may retake the exam one more time in a 12-month period. All results must be received by WGU prior to the application deadline to be considered for admission to a specific start date. 

Applicants must retake the entire HESI exam for new scores to be considered. Retaking a single section is not permitted. 


You can take the HESI twice in a 12-month period for WGU. The most recent score is used in the admissions evaluation. The first time you take the exam, the “1st Time Tester” exam should be selected. If you take the exam a second time, the “2nd Time Tester” exam should be selected.

Yes. Elsevier offers an exam review book.

WGU recommends that applicants take caution in ensuring that tools are purchased from a reliable source and to research and review the various resources individually. 

Study Guide (paperback)

Study Guide (e-book)

No, only the required sections will be reviewed.  The required sections are Vocabulary, Reading, Math, and Grammar. HESI exams scheduled  9/1/2023 and beyond will also require the Biology section that will be graded but not included in the admissions review. The Learning Styles section and Biology will not be factored into your Admissions decision—they are used to provide insight on support needed to be successful in your program.

To request your HESI transcripts, follow this link and send your scores to

WGU does not offer in-person testing for the HESI A2.

Test takers should be prepared to follow these guidelines during the HESI exam:

Permitted Browsers: 

  • Guardian Secure Browser

Permitted Resources:

  • Online Calculator
  • Whiteboard
  • Bathroom breaks