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Creating a Personalized Bridge to Your Degree

Start Your Education—Faster and Stronger

Going back to school can feel daunting, especially if you're juggling work and family, readjusting to study routines, or returning to education after a hiatus. WGU offers a solution to build your confidence, find your rhythm, and set you on the path to graduating—all at an affordable $99 per course.

Commit on Your Terms

WGU provides personalized paths to starting your degree that offer unmatched support and flexibility. Take a few courses at your pace before committing to a full-time program. Strengthen your study habits, gain essential learning skills, and, best of all, each completed course earns you WGU credit.

Complete a Course. Start a WGU Program. Get Your Money Back.

Starting a degree program at WGU has never been easier. Simply choose a single course or course bundle to begin!

Upon completion of your selected course(s) and enrollment into a six-month term for a WGU degree program, the course cost will be reimbursed back to you (total equal to $99 for one course or $198 for two single courses or $199 for a two-course bundle).*

*Terms and conditions apply


$99 per course*

Most WGU single courses are $99 and take 2 months to complete. Students can take 1-2 courses that are reimbursable upon moving to a WGU degree program. Invest in yourself and start on the path to a bright future today.


Earn Credit

Every WGU course counts for degree credit once completed. You can get a jump-start on your education with a personalized recommendation for the best course for your path.


8,000+ Students

Over 8,000 students have accelerated their progress toward a WGU bachelor's degree by starting with a single course or course bundle. The next graduate could be you!

*WGU single courses retail at $750-$1,000. We offer up to two of these courses to eligible students at a discounted rate to show our commitment to investing in our students' future. Additionally, courses that contain 3rd party certificates may have an additional charge. Students will not be reimbursed for monthly extensions. Some courses take longer than 2 months to complete.

Start with a Single Course or a Course Bundle Today

You have several options to get started on a degree at WGU. You can pursue a degree by starting with a six-month term, or you can opt to begin with a single course or a course bundle to begin your degree program. This allows you to personalize your path and find the best way to success.

“Engaging in meaningful discussions, collaborating on projects, and learning from others' experiences has taught me the value of empathy, open-mindedness, and the importance of embracing differing viewpoints. These interactions have not only shaped my academic pursuits but have also equipped me with essential life skills to navigate a rapidly changing world.”

—Jerry Boone
College of IT Student

How To Get Started

More Choice in Your Educational Bridge

When you apply to WGU, your background and experience will be considered to provide you with recommended paths based on helping you graduate with your degree. These paths are designed based on thousands of graduates and their successful journeys. The decision is yours; you get to choose the path that works best for you. Your dedicated enrollment councilor is here to walk you through these recommendations and help you decided on your personalized path.  

Apply to WGU and share your background and experience.

Explore educational pathways and get a personalized recommendation from an Enrollment Counselor

Choose the path that aligns with your goals and preferences.

Throughout your journey, benefit from the support of your dedicated WGU success coach, mentor, and faculty.

Earn Credit Before Fully Committing to a Six-Month Term

Single courses and course bundles provide flexibility, a more personalized start, and give you course credit that can transfer directly into your WGU bachelor's degree program. Each completed course lays the foundation for a quicker path to graduation while enhancing your study skills.

A Personalized Start to your WGU Bachelor's Degree

Single Courses Offer You a Jumping-Off Point
A single course is a simple way to get started on a degree program at WGU, giving you knowledge and experience with our online learning before you commit to a full degree. Get additional support and help as you start your educational journey.

Get started with your first course for $99

Complete your course in 2-3 months

Your credit applies to one of our many bachelor's degree programs

Continue working on a bachelor's degree with a 6-month term, eligible for federal financial aid. See tuition rates.

“With my busy schedule - having a special needs daughter, being a single mom, working full time - this format of school is perfect because I can work at my own pace. Even though I have a ways to go, I find it so achievable because of the support I have. I wouldn't be able to do this any other way."

—Melissa Kasperski
School of Education Student

Is This Right for Me?

Designed for those with limited educational experience or those transitioning to online learning, single courses and course bundles are your pathway to academic success. If you already have an associate or bachelor's degree or relevant work experience, you might consider diving directly into your degree program.

Tailored Learning for You

  • 100% online coursework accessible 24/7, making education fit seamlessly into your life.
  • Develop skills or fulfill required courses, accelerating your journey to graduation.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching, exam support, and detailed progress tracking every step of the way.
  • Courses are not eligilbe for federal financial aid, however once you enter a degree program at WGU you can apply and qualify for traditional federal financial aid.

Start Fast, Start Today, Start Stronger

Why wait to kickstart your college journey? WGU's courses offer a convenient, win-win opportunity to explore online learning and launch your academic adventure ASAP.