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Student connections—for learning and beyond.

You’re connected through community conversations.

WGU encourages students to connect through conversations within their courses. Cohorts and chat feeds are used heavily—learn with a group, contribute your ideas, ask questions to course faculty and others in the course. Many students find, as soon as they begin their program, that they can truly connect to anyone!

And the conversations get even better once you've completed your degree program. Connected WGU alumni use LinkedIn, apps and events to build professional connections and networks that add value to their career. 

Course chatter: stay in the loop.

Every course is unique. You'll approach learning resources, studying, research and assessment differently. It's helpful to have a place within the course to discuss those specifics, either with comments or questions.

  • How should you approach part of an objective assessment?
  • What chapter of a learning resource addresses a certain topic?
  • Can this course be broken down into sections to work through individually?

Course chatter allows you to ask those questions and get timely answers from course faculty! Asking questions in a forum allows everyone to benefit. Earlier questions can be searched and help newcomers to the course.

Maybe you want to share insights that have helped you in the course. That's what comments are for! Dialog with other students—it's not just for course faculty to comment. 

Course Chat in student experience Course Chat in student experience

Cohorts: group-style learning.

Many courses in your program will offer cohort options. Most students look back and say "I wish I had used cohorts from the beginning!" Cohorts offer you time with course faculty as they present the course material in a live session and a fresh perspective. During cohorts you can:

  • Ask questions to the course faculty and student group.
  • Get additional resources for learning the material in a variety of ways.
  • Test your knowledge with live polls and quizzes.

The availability and schedule for cohorts varies by course. We advise that you look at cohort offerings when you are preparing to begin a new course.

Cohorts available in WGU courses. Cohorts available in WGU courses.

Alumni communities.


A private group allows students to chat with each other as well as alumni. You can gain professional connections, discuss industry topics, and even post job opportunities. 36,000+ members and constantly growing.

Night Owl Network

A super-cool app that allows alumni to form mentoring relationships, create industry and special interest groups, share job opportunities, professional work examples, and event plan local events!


WGU offers lifetime benefits, at no cost to the alum, even access to the professionals and tools in Career & Professional Development. So when a career change or job hunt is on your radar, get connected with industry-specialists.

You belong here.

Everything we do at WGU is student-centric. Alumni surveys tell us that our students enjoyed their experience and valued the faculty, the flexibility and the support they found through attending WGU.

Online assessments.

As a WGU student, you will be required to demonstrate your mastery of competencies in a variety of ways.

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