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WGU Transcript Exclusion Appeal

Applicant Prior Academic History Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to Western Governors University (WGU) are required to submit official transcripts from all prior academic institutions, including military transcripts, AP, CLEP and Dantes exam transcripts, as well as a foreign equivalency of any college level academic coursework completed outside of the United States. Applicants wishing to exclude a transcript from their official WGU transcript evaluation must submit an appeal.

Please note that WGU requires:

  • Official transcripts must be sent from the issuing institution. WGU will not accept transfer credit listed on another institutions transcript. This includes AP and CLEP exam scores.
  • Official transcripts of all previous college level coursework must be submitted prior to being admitted into a WGU program. Previous college experience plays a role in the admission decision and is required to determine program eligibility.
  • Official transcripts must be received before the initial term start date. WGU does not award transfer credit for transcripts received after the initial term start date.

Appealing the Transcript Requirement

Applicants applying to an undergraduate-level program that hold an academic transcript with courses that are not applicable and/or transferable to their program are eligible to submit an exclusion appeal. The exclusion may be granted if the prior coursework does not meet any requirements at WGU. A copy of the applicant’s unofficial transcript(s) will be requested.

Undergraduate Requirements

Applicants holding non-transferrable certifications (e.g., professional development certification, real estate license, etc.) are not expected to submit copies of such certifications. An exclusion appeal is not required to exclude these certifications. If the certification was completed at a university or college, please send a copy of the unofficial transcript to verify that no additional college level academic coursework was completed with that institution.

Any applicant utilizing military benefits must submit their military transcript for an evaluation. An exclusion appeal cannot be granted in this case. Some examples of military transcripts are as follows: AARTS (Army), SMARTS (Navy/Marine), CCAF (Air Force), CIG (Coast Guard).

Graduate Requirements

Applicants applying to a graduate-level program are required to submit proof of their undergraduate degree in order to qualify for admittance into the program. If the program does not require a content evaluation to be completed, applicants are only required to submit their transcript for degree verification. An exclusion appeal is not necessary in these cases.

Applicants seeking admission to a graduate-level program that does requires a content evaluation must submit all official transcripts with prior college-level academic coursework. Eligibility for the program depends on prior coursework. An exclusion appeal will not be granted in this case.

Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to disclose and submit official transcripts for all prior college-level academic history. Failure to do so may result in the student not receiving all possible entitled financial aid and/or military education benefits, as well as receiving fewer transfer credits. Applicants are not cleared to begin their program until all expected transcripts have been received.

For further information on WGU’s admission, transcript evaluation, and transfer guideline policies, please refer to the WGU Student Handbook. Your Enrollment Counselor is also available should you have any questions.