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Empowering Success: How Kevin Walter Maximizes His Team's Potential and Fuels His Own Growth

Aug 14, 2023

Kevin Walter’s job is to get the most out of his team. “It’s about empowering others and multiplying their talents.”

Walter is one of three custodial coordinators for the Davis School District. He oversees more than two dozen schools across the district and the professionals that keep those facilities clean and safe.

Discovering ways to develop his staff and help them grow in their careers is a priority.

“I have a passion for helping our team succeed,” said Walter. “I want to make sure they know their why and that they play a vital role.”

He earned his current position following two decades as a custodian. But while he’s now inspiring his own team to believe big, Walter wasn’t always aware of his own potential.

“I loved my previous role and thought I would do that until I retired. I have new goals now.”

Hoping to expand his contribution to his department and the district, Walter enrolled in a degree program at Western Governors University. He credits his boss, director of custodial services Weston Weekes, for the encouragement to go back to school. Weekes suggested a bachelor’s degree would give Walter important knowledge and skills and open new doors of opportunity for him.

“When I was younger, I had no interest in college,” said Walter. “It took a good manager to guide me to WGU. I enrolled and didn’t know what to expect. After getting a few classes under my belt and getting used to WGU’s unique model, I realized, hey, I can do this.”

WGU’s innovative learning model is known as competency-based education (CBE). Unlike traditional systems, CBE measures what a person knows, not how long they spent in class. Students study at their own pace – whenever and wherever it is convenient. When they’re ready, they can show they’ve learned the required material and move on. They can spend more time on courses that challenge them and less time on the courses that aren’t so rigorous. That flexibility allows many WGU students to accelerate and graduate more quickly.

To date, Walter’s experience at WGU provides a great example of the personalized, flexible aspects of CBE. Walter can login and do the coursework in his spare time – while continuing to work fulltime and handle the responsibilities of being a husband and a dad. In his first, six-month term at WGU, he completed more than double the required number of courses. And he hopes to graduate at least a year sooner than he might have in a traditional learning model.

“At WGU, I can go faster, but if I need to slow down, I can do that too. I can tailor my study plan to fit my busy life.”

A busy life. One that includes growing responsibility in the Davis School District. As Walters works to get the most out of his team, his manager and WGU are helping get the most from himself.

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