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September 15, 2020

Online University Experience

3 ways for students to excel with online learning.

How to best adjust to completing college courses online this semester.

As students begin the new school year in a largely remote format, many will find that they must adjust to new learning conditions. For college students, this transition to online learning is necessary, but can be challenging. Online learning has many benefits, however, and it can be a flexible way to learn and excel in academics on students’ own time. With the right tools and guidance, online learning can be a beneficial way to get ahead in studies without the stress of entering a classroom during a pandemic. Below are three tips on how you and other students can best adjust to completing college courses online this semester. 

Woman studying at home.

Create a consistent schedule.

With limited opportunities to travel, it’s easier now than ever to fit more into a day. With many workplaces and schools going remote, commute times are almost nonexistent, making it easier to develop a consistent daily schedule. Students can start with planning out mandatory meetings or work times throughout the day, then find gaps in their schedule that can be filled with studying or completing assignments. This will make it easier to identify every bit of free time in the day before it occurs, which is key to confidently completing tasks on time.

Have a support system.

Many universities provide a network of online resources in order to support their students’ remote learning experiences. Academic advisors and mentors can hold students accountable for their work and suggest outside resources that will help them successfully navigate their areas of study. These figures can also provide a helpful network of contacts that can help guide students through the professional world. WGU Indiana provides all students with a mentor that meets with them virtually throughout their university experience. The mentors offer advice on pacing coursework, guide students toward helpful resources, and overall help them stay on track academically. 

Excel in courses on your own time.

Once students determine a consistent weekly schedule, they can then lay out their coursework in a way that will help them most effectively learn the material. Different students learn at different paces, and it is important that they feel they can excel in a course once they have a strong academic foundation. WGU Indiana provides a competency-based learning model, which allows students to advance in their areas of study once they demonstrate that they have mastered the material. This allows for students to determine a personalized pace in programs based upon the amount of time that they have to dedicate to understanding key concepts. This strategic model gives students the option to quickly pass through topics that they have prior experience with and therefore allows them to dedicate additional time to more challenging lessons, depending on their learning style and needs. 

As students across the country turn to online learning, many may be surprised by the ease of coursework if they attend a university that provides all the right resources. This year, WGU Indiana is continuing its long-standing tradition of online learning, and its students are utilizing the university’s many resources in order to succeed both academically and professionally. Find out more here about how remote learning may be the right fit. 

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