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Can Music Help In The Classroom

Many experts agree that music can become a vital tool for education.

Sep 10, 2019

Are you becoming a teacher and looking for tips? WGU Nevada not only provides an education to people on their way to becoming teachers, but also wants to provide the tips and tricks to help teachers once they have transitioned into that role. If you like the content, be sure to share with your teacher-friends, and we will continue to provide more information to help them become a stellar teacher!

In the case of music, many experts agree that music can become a vital tool for education. In fact, the National Association for Music Education lists the many ways that music assists in the learning process—from helping develop language and reasoning, to improving memory. These tools, although important for studying music on its own, can also prove useful when trying to master any subject—from math to science, and everything in between. 

You may be thinking, “Are there some ways for me to seamlessly implement music in my classroom? 

If you are, here are some tips:

Use as a transition.

When shifting between subjects, some students may have a difficult time transitioning. This is a time when music can help change the way of thinking and can also give some helpful insight of what subject is next, without having to tell the class yourself. Simply play a song, and the students will know. For more buy-in from the students, perhaps allow them to assist with the music choices so they feel more accountable and involved.

Memorization tool.

Some subjects require memorization of facts which can be difficult for some students. Often, incorporating facts into a song can help in retainment, so that children can call upon the information later. Schoolhouse Rock!, anyone? We may be dating ourselves a bit there, but the message is the same. It’s true that certain songs and rhymes can aid in recalling facts. And you do not need to think of them on your own! There is a big community out there to assist. Visit websites like Pinterest for some song ideas. 

Aid in creativity.

Art projects and writing time can benefit from music. Playing a song of your choice, or even involving your students again, can help with creativity. Experiment a bit! See if calmer notes affect creativity versus more upbeat music. You may notice a trend in creativity depending on the music played.

At the end of the day, teaching works because of passion. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, finding new and interesting ways to engage with your students can prove useful when shaping young minds. Music could very well become that tried and true educational tactic in your arsenal. WGU Nevada is interested in hearing if music works for you and your classroom! Visit us on Facebook and share your stories.

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