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February 25, 2020

Online University Experience

Going back to school?

These are the things to have for online education.

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If you have decided to take that leap and enroll in an online college, you are facing a different experience than what you would receive from a traditional university. For one, you won’t need a parking pass! Two, in a lot of ways, you won’t even need to leave your home. That being said, there will still be some items you will find essential to your education, so consider your school supply list set!

A computer.

This likely goes without being said—if you are going to an online school, you will need a computer. Now, if you don’t have one but you have access to one, that’s fine too! Just make sure it is available when you need it and is reliable. Being solely online, on your own schedule, it isn’t as though you have classes to attend, but you also don’t want to waste valuable learning time troubleshooting computer issues or waiting for a computer to be available.

Computer accessories.

This is going to be a long one, but here we go:

  • If you prefer having something mobile, consider a laptop. However, if you like having a mouse and full keyboard, consider having those with a standard computer or even as plugins for your laptop.
  • Headphones are important if you are sharing space with other people and don’t want to both folks. Or, if you are sharing space and want to hear better, noise-canceling headphones are great!
  • Some of your education could require speaking with other people whether that be other students or faculty. Some may want to make it a video chat and although most computers are equipped with microphones and cameras, some may need separate equipment.

A reliable phone.

Some of your communications with mentors, students, or faculty may be conducted by phone so you will need a reliable phone and phone connection. If you are in an area where reception is spotty, you can request alternative forms of communication (WiFi may be best) or schedule your phone calls when you will be in an area with better reception.

An organizer or calendar.

Being an online student means you need to stay on task and the best way to do that is to stay organized. Find what keeps you motivated best. It could be the calendar app on your phone that allows you to set aside time to study or, if you prefer a traditional organizer with pen and paper, use that! This is all about finding what works best.

Now that you have your school supply list, get your study space prepared and stay organized!

Look here for details on the technology requirement for WGU students.

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