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What to Know Before Becoming a Nurse

The jobs are out there. Here are some things to consider before pursuing a career in nursing.

Jan 14, 2020

Healthcare professionals, including nurses, continue to rank high in terms of honesty and ethics to Americans according to a Gallup poll, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that? Nursing, especially in Nevada, has been one of those career paths that has a dramatic shortage, and it is affecting our state. Fox 5 in Las Vegas shared just that, as they explained how hospitals do not have enough skilled nurses. So, the jobs are out there, but what else should you know? Here are some things to consider before pursuing a career in nursing:

Are you ready, physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Nursing is a challenging career, rewarding, but challenging. Nurses are the heart of the medical profession, and sometimes this can push a nurse far past the physical and emotional means a person has available. Consider this and what you would need to do to maintain your own health and wellbeing when pursuing a career in nursing. This topic is not meant to scare you away from nursing, but you will need to plan what you need to maintain yourself because you cannot sacrifice your sanity without practicing self-care. Get compression socks!

Are you a critical thinker?

Starting a career in nursing you will have a bevy of knowledge, terms, and resources. There will also be times for you to be a critical thinker and determine the best option at the moment. This will be determined by your experiences, for sure, but be ready for a certain level of autonomy. Knowing what to do and when to do will come with time, so don’t fret!

What are the requirements?

To become a nurse, you will need a degree, which can be earned at your own time on your own schedule. Earning a bachelor's degree can open doors to additional career opportunities and faster advancement. In addition to education, you will also have to pass a standardized test of knowledge called the National Council Licensure Examination. For more information, visit

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