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Out of the Military and Into Cybersecurity

Nov 21, 2017

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be difficult, especially when it comes to work. No matter what job you get, it can’t beat the sense of purpose one gets from protecting your country and fighting against a clear enemy. But there is one career that comes close, Cyber Security.

Working in Cyber Security is great for military minded people because it’s a field that requires constant tactical adaptation and constant mitigation of threats. The Equifax hack, the Target hack, the Yahoo hack. Our society is targeted endlessly through the internet, and these battles aren’t fought on the battlefield, they are fought every day and everywhere around the world. The job titles vary - cyber threat analyst, cybersecurity engineer, information security analyst, cyber security analyst - but the goal remains the same, protect customers, companies and the country from highly-trained criminals and foreign agents.

As a field, cyber security is dynamic, mentally stimulating, and in tune with a military mindset, however, it’s also where the jobs are. It’s one of the most in demand fields there is. Since 2012, there’s been a 142% rise in major hacks, cyber-attacks and data breaches, and at the same time there will be a projected 1.5 to 3.5 million shortage of skilled Cyber Security professionals. So if you’re looking for Job security you might want to check out Cyber Security. You’ll have plenty of opportunity and a high probability for upward mobility. Because no one is stepping up to the plate, your paycheck will also get a big boost as according to Forbes, the median earnings for a Cyber Security professional are just over $90,000 a year. This shortage is not only a workforce problem, it is a threat to our national security, and military individuals have just the drive and skillset to bridge the gap.

If you’re an active duty military member who is looking for a good field to get into when you return home, or if you’re a military vet wondering where you can find the same sense of purpose you found in the military, Cyber Security is the perfect field for you. Don’t wait until the next big cyber-attack to realize that this threat is real, you can make an impact and start learning all of the ins and out of cyber security right now.

To get you started, Western Governors University offers a number of degrees in cybersecurity and other IT fields that you can complete at home and on your own time, with Bachelors of Science programs in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, in Data Management and Analytics, in Software Development, and even an MBA in Information Technology Management for those of you who already hold a degree. Because WGU is competency-based, measuring learning rather than time spent in class, you can also move through courses and graduate faster, which is a really useful thing when you’re on a tight schedule. So get started now and check out all the degree programs WGU has to offer, as well as all of our great scholarships for military men and women.

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