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Tenn-K scholarship recipients answer three questions.

Jan 4, 2018

WGU Tennessee’s annual Tenn-K Scholarship campaign is underway! The $10,000 scholarships – which cover approximately 80 percent of total tuition costs at WGU – are life changing for many recipients, and we’re honored to award up to 10 of these scholarships again in 2018. To apply for the scholarship, visit The deadline to apply is March 15, 2018.

To kick off the 2018 Tenn-K campaign, we revisited a few previous recipients to find out how they heard about the scholarship and how it helped them. Here’s what they had to say:

Anthony Hamblin

  • Bachelor's in I.T.
  • Helenwood, Tennessee
  • Instructor at Tennessee College of Applied Technology

How did you hear about the Tenn-K Scholarship?

“Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah actually reached out to me about two years ago to let me know I was eligible. I was one of the early recipients.”

How did the Tenn-K Scholarship help you with your success?

“Receiving the Tenn-K Scholarship reminds me to not only finish my degree, but to continue my education. It’s definitely made me more competitive.”

Have you changed your job or gotten a promotion since receiving the Tenn-K Scholarship?

“I actually got hired because I was part of WGU Tennessee. I’m now an instructor at TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology).”



Evans Duval

  • Master's in Information Security
  • Bartlett, Tennessee
  • System administration with Terex Corporation

How did you hear about the Tenn-K Scholarship?

“As I was completing my bachelor’s degree, I was looking around for scholarships. My mentor told me about the Tenn-K Scholarship and encouraged me to apply.”

How has WGU and the Tenn-K scholarship impacted your life?

“The Tenn-K Scholarship helped me pay for my master’s degree. After completing my bachelor’s degree, the Tenn-K Scholarship helped me continue my education without worrying about the financial part.”

Why did you decide to go back to school?

“I decided to go back to school because I felt like, in order to convince my children to go to college, I needed to do so myself.

Lynn Fant-Burke

  • MSN in Nursing Education
  • Hixson, Tennessee
  • Staff nurse at Erlanger Medical Center

How did you hear about WGU Tennessee?

“WGU Tennessee partners with Erlanger Medical Center, where I work and my boss mentioned it to me one day. I had looked at some other schools but I didn’t apply anywhere else. WGU Tennessee just makes it so easy to apply and get started.”

How did you hear about the Tenn-K Scholarship?

“I was just looking around for any kind of scholarship money and applied. You don’t realize that there is a lot of money and support out there to help you go to school. People just don’t know about it and they’re missing out on these opportunities.”

How did the Tenn-K Scholarship help you with your success?

“My job gave me the encouragement to go back to school, but I didn’t want to go into my 60s owing a lot of money. WGU Tennessee’s Tenn-K Scholarship gave me the financial opportunity to do so.”

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