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WGU Texas Student Bridges the Gap Between Community College and Bachelor’s Degree

Mar 18, 2019

By Xena Mercado

On January 16, WGU Texas and Del Mar College signed a transfer agreement to create pathways for students and college employees who want to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree and further their education with WGU Texas. 

Del Mar College graduate Xena Mercado was a featured speaker at the signing. Mercado is a mom, a magazine publisher, and WGU Texas student currently pursuing a bachelor of science degree in marketing management.  

When I was asked if I would speak today, I had to think about it because I’m usually uncomfortable with public speaking. But, after thinking about my experience transferring from Del Mar to WGU Texas, I changed my mind. As a student who’s gone through this transfer process, I think the transfer agreement will be beneficial in creating more opportunities for students.

I’m a mother of two, run a household, and publish Celebrate Mamas Magazine, a local magazine benefiting families and small businesses. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a priority, but with my long list of responsibilities and busy schedule, spending time in a classroom is not an option.

After researching many online programs, WGU Texas seemed like a great way to fit a bachelor’s program into my schedule—and it’s the most affordable and flexible.

I had never transferred before and to be honest, was a little intimidated by the process. When I transferred to WGU Texas last year, obstacles were the last thing I needed. The WGU Texas enrollment counselors walked me through the whole process and I was thankful that it was as easy as it was. Much to my surprise, many of my credits from Del Mar transferred into the program.

I love being a WGU Texas student, and I appreciate that the program is competency-based, flexible, and accredited. I have confidence that I will excel as a student and a professional. Plus, there are lots of resources available to students that help you gain the most out of your courses.

Program mentors help you stay on track, the online library is full of useful information, and the WGU mobile app lets you study on the go. I’ve learned so much already and have begun to apply what I’ve learned in class to real-world situations.

I’m grateful for Del Mar College President Dr. Escamilla and WGU Texas Chancellor Johnson for their leadership and making the transfer process easier for students—it’s a good step and those who work and have families appreciate it.

If you are considering transferring to an online program like those at WGU Texas, my advice is to give it a shot. It’s a great option, especially if you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business or nursing.

Transferring your community college credits or degree to WGU Texas is simple. Students with an associate degree usually qualify for an upper-division standing. If you have completed some college coursework but have not earned a degree, WGU Texas will conduct a transcript evaluation. For more information about our transfer policies and benefits for community college graduates, visit

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