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Yovaletta Sullivan: A Life Changing Experience

Apr 27, 2015

Thirty-three-year-old WGU Texas graduate Yovaletta Sullivan experienced multiple life-changing events in just a few years. Yovaletta was working as a nurse in Houston and wanted a second degree to help her advance in her career. As a wife and a mother of a six-year-old daughter who has special needs, Yovaletta needed a flexible option to obtain her degree that would work with her busy personal and professional schedules.

“I chose WGU Texas because there is so much flexibility. I could wake up in the morning at 4 a.m. and work on my courses for a couple of hours before going into work. I felt accomplished and ready for my day,” she said.

While working toward her BSN from WGU Texas, Yovaletta was told by her doctor that she needed brain surgery. After a successful surgery and recovery, and with help from her mentors, Yovaletta earned her degree in less than a year.

Because of the degree Yovaletta earned, she was promoted to Patient Care Manager. Her drive to succeed hasn’t stopped there. Yovaletta is now working toward earning a MBA in Healthcare Management from WGU Texas.

“I have learned so much professionally and personally through my journey at WGU Texas. From the support given by my mentors to the flexibility of the programs, I learned to never be afraid of life’s roadblocks because it is possible to achieve your dreams, even during challenging times,” she said.

Hear Yovaletta’s speech during the November 2014 commencement in Houston.

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