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Reflections from WGU Alumni - Part 2

Jan 10, 2018

The university has surpassed the 10,000 graduates milestone! As part of the festivities — and as part of a two part series — many WGU Washington alumni have shared what their degrees mean to them and how they’ve been able to improve their lives through education:

I have the leadership skills necessary to be the mayor for the sixth largest city in the state of Washington. — Dana Ralph, MS Management and Leadership

My degree has helped me not only achieve my dream of teaching but has also reinforced life skills of perseverance, patience, grit, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork which I utilize daily and try to pass on to my students. — Becky Schiedeck, BA Elementary Education

My WGU degree enabled me to be a leader at my work as a charge nurse and triage nurse. — Christine Bergman, BS Nursing

Obtaining my bachelor’s not only increased my pay at work but also opened doors to new leadership opportunities. My experiences… at WGU helped build skills that have made me more effective in my communication and have made me an agent for change in my organization. — Catrina Holmkvist, BS Nursing

Once completing the program, I was so excited. I am the only person in my family — among parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles — who has ever achieved a master’s degree. My kids think I am super smart now… (and) tell me all the time how proud of me they are. — Amy Frost, MS Nursing - Education

The master's in curriculum and instruction program was rigorous. It helped me develop my writing skills and created a focus for me around my own practice in the classroom. As a result, I achieved more than a year's growth with my students last year and earned a highly prestigious award for my school district. Only sixteen of 365 teachers were awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award for growing their students more than a year's progress in a year's time. — Anna Garrison, Curriculum and Instruction

This program has built my confidence to the point where I've become a more effective leader who is able to motivate others by leading with a strong and compelling vision. — Bethany Leland, MS Integrated Healthcare Management

WGU gave me so many tools and strategies and such an invaluable education that I utilize every day as an educator in Washington. — Andrew Bishop, MEd Learning and Technology

WGU has made me more analytical and open-minded and given me a deeper desire to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals. I’m no longer afraid of the unexpected because, with strong determination and persistence, success will come. — Christine Brubaker-Holland, MBA Healthcare Management

WGU made it possible for me to earn my degree as a single mom while working and homeschooling my own children. I don't think this would have been possible without the support of my awesome program mentor and WGU's amazing competency-based program! I landed the first job I interviewed for after completing my degree with WGU and it has been such a great jumpstart to my IT career. — Kati Cantu, BS Information Technology

WGU Washington gave me the confidence that I can accomplish any task I put my mind to. When I am faced with a difficult task at work, I think back to my harder classes and say to myself I rocked that class, I can handle this! — Brandi Shisler, BS Business - Human Resource Management

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