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What Does An Online Degree Program ‘Look Like’?

Jul 22, 2013

These days, the concept of an online university is becoming a familiar one. Online degree programs are more and more popular, with many non-traditional and traditional schools alike offering some or all of their programs online.

You get the idea, more or less. You have a good sense of what it means to earn a degree online. But when it comes right down to it—when a student sits down at his or her computer and dives right into it—what does it look like? On a daily basis, staring at that computer screen, what does an online student see, do, interact with?

Being enrolled in an online university looks different, feels different, and means different things to different students. That's the whole point: It's flexible, it's personalized, it's adaptable—it's your education.

But still, students enrolled in the same online university must see and do the same things, right? What does that shared student experience look like at WGU?

Whether you're a current student struggling to explain the concept to friends and family, a new student wondering what you're getting yourself into, or a prospective student trying to wrap your head around, practically and logistically, what enrolling in WGU would look, feel, and be like, we've got a video for you!

(This is also a good preview for current students who have not yet switched over to the new myWGU portal, and a quick tutorial for those just getting started with it.)

The new myWGU portal is your "classroom." It's where you "go" when you go to school at WGU.

Hopefully, with this video, you now have a clearer picture of what the shared WGU experience looks like—and can share that picture with others.

What do you think? When we say "online degree program," what do you picture? Your home office? Your morning commute on the train or bus? And what do you think of myWGU? Can you see yourself earning your degree online in a virtual environment that looks like this?

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