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October 18, 2021

Information Technology

Women Who Are Making Their Mark in IT

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, WGU graduates Kara Greer, Sandra Perry, Becky McCully, and Christina Fernandez are making their mark in IT and paving the way for future generations of women in tech. Keep reading to learn how they got to where they are now with a degree from WGU.

When Sandra Perry was looking to advance in her tech career, WGU’s master’s degree in IT management appealed to her for multiple reasons.

“WGU had the best curriculum and it checked all the boxes for my personal life. Especially the flexibility. I’m one of those people who sometimes studies at 4 a.m. It was an always-on learning,” said Sandra.

The competency-based curriculum was a plus, too.

“I wanted to fast track it and to get the nuts and bolts. WGU had the best curriculum and it checked all the boxes for my personal life. Especially the flexibility. I’m one of those people who sometimes studies at 4 a.m. It was an always-on learning experience.”

For Kara Greer, WGU’s flexibility was also key. She was already working in IT when she decided to get her master’s degree.

“I’ve always been a hardware person…but my boss wanted me to learn more about software. So, I signed on to WGU just looking to see what was out there,” she said.

Kara was able to use her experience to fast track through WGU’s online Master of Science Cybersecurity and Information Assurance degree program.

“You’re rewarded for your past knowledge and experience. It allows you to do the accelerated program and it was wonderful. I did get to use that past experience,” she adds.

Now that she has her master’s degree, Kara says she’s more prepared for the future.  

“Cybersecurity isn’t going away; it’s only going to become bigger and more complex. I would definitely promote going through WGU because it’s the most flexible way to get your degree,” she said.

Christina Fernandez was able to land an analyst job while she was still getting her data analytics bachelor’s degree from WGU.

“When I interviewed for my current position as a business intelligence analyst, my boss asked me where I went to school and what I was learning. At that time, I was taking a course on Tableau and data visualization. And he was like: ‘Well, we have a big project, so we want you up here,’” she said. “My degree from WGU has been completely instrumental in me being where I’m at in my career.”

Becky McCully attributes the support of her WGU mentor as an important factor in completing her cybersecurity and information assurance bachelor’s degree.

“My mentor is amazing and has been the glue that held me together over the last year. And you would not get that at most other universities,” Becky said.

She encourages anyone who loves technology and computers to join the field.

“The greatest thing about IT is that you’re never bored. There are so many different pathways you can follow…from networking and data, cybersecurity, cryptography, and programming,” she said.  

If you’re interested in technology, security, and networks, the IT industry is waiting for you. Join the increasing number of women driving innovation and providing leadership in technology when you earn your IT degree from WGU.

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