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WGU Nevada Announces Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada Leadership Scholarships in Honor of National Women’s History Month in March

Mar 20, 2017

LAS VEGAS — In honor of National Women’s History Month in March, WGU Nevada is taking more steps to make convenient and affordable education easily accessible to women who wish to further their careers. Whether in business, IT, healthcare or teaching, the online, nonprofit university is helping women achieve their higher education goals through its Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada Leadership Scholarship program.

Applications are now being accepted for the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada Leadership Scholarship, which provides up to $2,500 ($625 per term, up to four terms) to women who are ready to ramp up their careers, break through the glass ceiling, and share what they have to offer in the workplace. Applicants — who must be Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada members — will be asked to demonstrate their desire to achieve a leadership role and how a degree in any of WGU Nevada’s programs fits in with that goal. The application deadline is May 30, 2017.  

To be eligible, scholarship applicants must be officially admitted into one of WGU Nevada’s undergraduate or graduate degree programs, complete the scholarship application, and be interviewed by a WGU scholarship counselor. While WGU Nevada will award multiple scholarships, recipients will be selected based on their academic records, financial need, and readiness for online study at WGU Nevada.

“We need more women, not only at the table, but sitting at the head. It’s good for business, good for the economy, and good for all of us as a culture,” said Dr. Spencer Stewart, WGU Nevada chancellor. “That’s why WGU Nevada and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada have created the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada Leadership Scholarship.”

“In a competitive business environment, high-qualified women are critical to success. In order to gain a competitive advantage, many boardroom leaders are recognizing the need to leverage the opportunities that a women offers and to challenge existing paradigms about leadership potential,” said Women’s Chamber of Commerce President & CEO June L. Beland. “With women making up almost half of the workforce and over 80 percent of the consumer market, it is no surprise that they can play a key role in influencing their companies’ bottom line. A better balance of women in top leadership positions will help to create a more diverse team of leaders with different perspectives, helping to generate new ideas. I am honored to be part of the creation of the ‘Women’s Chamber Leadership Scholarship’ with WGU.”

WGU Nevada uses an innovative approach called competency-based education, which measures learning rather than time spent in class. Competency-based education is a good fit for working business professionals because it allows them to study and learn at their own pace and advance as soon as they have mastered course materials. Students have 24/7 access to their course materials, and faculty members provide one-on-one support. Terms are six months long, and students pay a flat rate of $3,000 per term for most programs, regardless of the number of courses completed. Because WGU Nevada programs are self-paced, many students are able to accelerate their studies, finishing their degree sooner, which saves them both time and money. As a result, the average time to complete a bachelor's degree at WGU Nevada is less than three years.

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