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WGU and Kenzie Academy Partnership Creates New Pathway to Degree

Coding School Graduates Will be Eligible for Transfer Credit for Prior Learning

May 5, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY – Western Governors University (WGU) and Kenzie Academy announced a partnership today that will give learners a skills-focused pathway to high-tech careers. The agreement will allow graduates of Kenzie Academy, an industry-aligned technology training provider, to convert their Kenzie credentials into credit for transfer into a WGU information technology degree program, reflecting both institutions’ focus on educating workers for an increasingly skills-based economy.

With programs in software engineering and user experience, Kenzie Academy offers skill-specific credentials with the sole purpose of preparing graduates for an in-demand technology job, regardless of where they live. Through this partnership, WGU has created pathways for Kenzie graduates to stack those credentials into one of seven flexible, online College of Information Technology degree programs, adding the long-term value of a full degree and enabling a lifelong learning loop—not just the “one and done” approach of the traditional four-year undergraduate experience.   

“WGU’s partnership with Kenzie is another example of how higher education is meeting learners where they are, delivering the education they need to build career success,” said Dr. Elke Leeds, the Dean and Academic Vice President of WGU’s College of Information Technology. “With the advancement of a skills-based economy and myriad ways to develop skills, learners need alternative pathways to support their lifelong learning, with flexibility to continue working so they can provide for themselves and their families today as they build a better tomorrow through education.”

Shifts in technology and workforce demands are shaping the future of higher education. Individuals need access to affordable lifelong learning loops where they can develop skills and competencies to meet workforce demands and that stack into new opportunities to upskill. As higher education and the workforce are having to embrace an online and remote model, this partnership is a demonstration of success for the future. It is crucial that students have access to learn where they are and can quickly upskill to adapt to changes in the workplace and economy.

“Traditional higher education is finally being forced to re-think how they provide a quality education to students, and the direction they will have to go will include online, affordable curriculum and degrees, something WGU and Kenzie have been doing for years,” said Chok Ooi, the Founder of Kenzie Academy. “We are excited about this partnership because more students than ever before will be looking online to find a quality education and a new career path, and the offerings WGU and Kenzie provide are time-tested under a common belief that education should put the students’ needs first.”

Kenzie Academy graduates interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree through WGU’s College of IT may find more information about enrolling here:

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