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Accelerator at WGU Labs Partners with Peerceptiv, Leader in Peer-to-Peer Learning Technology

Partnership will advance research on collaborative peer review

Nov 18, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY – WGU Labs, Inc., an affiliate of online nonprofit Western Governors University (WGU), today announced an Accelerator engagement with Peerceptiv. The Peerceptiv solution breaks down academic barriers—empowering students to help fellow students by providing valid and reliable feedback on a range of assignment types.  The product also enables instructors to create meaningful opportunities for students to engage with each other, which is especially important in remote learning environments.

Under the partnership, the Accelerator at WGU Labs will leverage its expertise in research and market development to measure Peerceptiv’s impact on student learning outcomes and share the influence that the product is having on student success.

“As we looked to grow Peerceptiv’s reach and impact, we realized the Accelerator at WGU Labs is uniquely positioned to support organizations that, like ours, are backed by research and motivated to expand student support and access,” said Peerceptiv CEO Mark Limbach. “Our data shows peer collaboration makes learning more active and engaging, particularly for students most at risk of stopping out. We’re looking forward to working with the Accelerator at WGU Labs to confirm these outcomes at scale.”

Peer review and feedback encourages students to actively engage with their peers. Learning outcomes are improved across disciplines while building critical thinking among other soft skills throughout the peer review process. For example, research indicates growth in students’ writing ability is directly related to receiving revisions and feedback.

“We are thrilled to welcome Peerceptiv to the Accelerator at WGU Labs,” said Todd Bloom, Managing Director of the Accelerator. “Peerceptiv supports the notion that learning is a social process—students learning with and from their peers is an essential part of cultivating new knowledge and skills—and we look forward to supporting their team as they continue to advance unique ways that peer review can improve student outcomes.”

Peerceptiv marks the seventh partnership for the Accelerator at WGU Labs since its establishment. To learn more about the Accelerator at WGU Labs and its partners, visit

About WGU Labs.

WGU Labs is a nonprofit affiliate of WGU.  Accelerator at WGU Labs provides research, market development, and product enhancement services to early-stage education businesses.  Through these services as well as financial investments, the Accelerator advances the scale and impact of education companies that share its mission to increase student access, lower student costs, and improve student outcomes.  Learn more about WGU Labs and the Accelerator at

About Peerceptiv.

Peerceptiv is dedicated to improving learning outcomes through collaboration and innovation. Peerceptiv grew out of over a decade of research at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center. Our passion for critical thinking drives us to expand Peerceptiv’s technology and bring the power of peer learning to more institutions and organizations. Learn more about Peerceptiv at

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