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College of Business—Student Learning Results

ACBSP Business Program Accreditation

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education. ACBSP accredits business, accounting, and business-related programs at the associate, baccalaureate, master, and doctorate degree levels worldwide. The accreditation focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, determining student learning outcomes, and a continuous improvement model.

ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach ensures students gain the right skills from their educational investment. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures business programs deliver students the skills employers want.

Accredited business programs must routinely provide reliable information to the public on their performance, including student achievement. Included below are our student learning outcome assessments results, as well as our program results.

ACBSP Candidate for Accreditation

Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results: Students demonstrate their attainment of the student learning outcomes through successfully passing proctored, summative course assessments. Each course has assessments that ensure students demonstrate their attainment of the required course competencies. To give an example of WGU’s system of assessment results, DJO1 Assessment Trends provides learning outcome results for each of the competencies required in the course C711 Introduction to Business (a course that was required of all baccalaureate students during the periods highlighted). The assessment that students take is entitled DJO1 Introduction to Business.

Program Assessment Results provides the assessment results by program for the three most recent 6-month terms.

Program Results: The links below provide data on graduates, enrollments, retention, on-time progress, and the percentage of very satisfied students (VSAT) for our College of Business programs in years 2014-2016. 

College of Business Graduates per Fiscal Year
College of Business Enrollments per Fiscal Year
College of Business Term-to-Term Retention per Fiscal Year
College of Business On-Time Progress per Fiscal Year
College of Business Percentage of Very Satisfied Students per Fiscal Year