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Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft offers many certifications that allow developers and IT professionals to demonstrate that they are well versed in Microsoft software, prepared to work with specific platforms, and can handle heavy workloads in the field of cloud computing. In addition to training in Microsoft 365 and Azure, specific certifications are tailored to developers, data engineers, and DevOps professionals. Earning Microsoft certifications can boost your résumé and allow you to stand out in a competitive job market.

WGU Microsoft Azure Certifications

There are many different groupings of Microsoft certifications aligned with job roles, including developer, administrator, solution architect, data engineer, data scientist, AI engineer, DevOps engineer, security engineer, and functional consultant. There are also varying levels of certification, starting with fundamentals, and progressing to associate and expert.

WGU is pleased to offer the following five Microsoft certificates and exams to IT students at no extra cost beyond tuition:

  • Azure Fundamentals

  • Azure Administrator Associate

  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

  • Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

  • Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure


Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Fundamentals certification will help you master the basics of Microsoft Azure, teaching you cloud concepts and core Azure services and features. Once you complete this certification, you should be able to explain security and general network features. You’ll also become familiar with governance, identity, privacy, and compliance.


Azure Administrator Associate

The Azure Administrator Associate certification involves hands-on experience using Azure. It’s a more advanced certificate designed to prepare you to be an administrator within an organization’s cloud infrastructure. This certification will teach you how to manage, deploy, and monitor Azure computing resources and oversee its virtual networks.


Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

To pass the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam, you should be skilled in Azure SDKs and familiar with APIs, performance tuning, and monitoring. This certification helps you hone skills in Azure storage, Azure compute solutions, and the implementation of Azure security. This certification can prepare you to be an Azure security engineer and teach you how to deploy and manage Azure resources effectively.


Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Passing an exam in Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions will help you improve your skills in working with technologies, people, and processes to add value to an organization. You’ll demonstrate that you can develop advanced instrumentation, SRE strategies, and a security compliance plan.


Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

The Azure Data Engineer Associate is earned by passing the Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam. This certification shows employers that you’re capable of transforming data. To pass the Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure test, you’ll need to show your ability to design and implement data storage and security measures, as well as demonstrate skills in data processing and optimizing data storage.

Microsoft Azure Exams

You must pass exams to earn certifications. Microsoft Azure exams last about one to two hours, depending on the level of exam. Your WGU IT coursework will prepare you to take the exams. Your Program Mentor or Course Instructor may provide guidance on how to prepare for and schedule your exams. The Microsoft Certification Guide can also give you a good roadmap for what to expect and how to prepare.  

Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure certifications can cost around $165. However, WGU gives IT students vouchers to take the certification exams as part of their tuition. Fundamentals certifications do not expire. Role-based and specialty certifications expire after one year, and those that have been available for over six months have a renewal option. To renew a specialty certification, you will not need to retake a full exam. Rather, you can take a free online renewal assessment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Azure certifications serve as tangible evidence of your knowledge of and familiarity with Azure software. From fundamentals to specialty and role-based options, they test you through tailored exercises that prepare you to succeed in your specific role. Azure certifications can bolster your résumé and show potential employers that you have the skills to succeed on the job.

Some employers require certain certifications. Even if an employer doesn’t require it, earning multiple Microsoft Azure certifications is a fantastic way to boost your résumé and stand out in a competitive job market. These certifications are low-cost, high-impact add-ons that can strengthen your credentials and sharpen your skills, particularly when you’re applying for specialized roles that require niche technical expertise.

Yes. Microsoft certifications can pay large dividends in your career, so getting Microsoft certified is a worthwhile time investment. These certifications show employers that you understand the complexities of specific software and that you can work effectively in a difficult field. Microsoft certifications, paired with a degree in IT, can set you up for career success.  

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