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Many of our successful students already work in their field of study. It's a great fit for our competency-based approach, which lets you take advantage of what you already know to move more quickly through the curriculum and assessments.

QUESTION 1 of 10

What kind of work experience do you have that would apply to your course of study?

I'm a seasoned pro who has worked in this field for a while.
I have a little work and schooling under my belt, but there's always more to learn.
I know my stuff pretty well but haven't had a chance to prove it in the workplace yet.
No work or schooling in this particular field just yet—but I would really love some!
Prior college experience is a huge plus for someone planning to study online. Usually students with at least a semester of study under their belt do better at WGU. True college rookies often struggle with online learning.

QUESTION 2 of 10

What have you already accomplished at an institution of higher learning?

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I'm still at the starting line: This college thing is a brand-new adventure to me.
I've gotten my toes wet - my transcripts show a few college credits, but I haven't completed a program yet.
No bachelor's degree yet, but I did earn my associate's (or about 2 years of college).
I'm definitely no stranger to higher ed! I've earned my bachelor's.
As we've indicated, successful WGU students typically have prior college experience. Persistence matters too. If you've tried three or more universities or colleges and haven't earned a degree or certificate, that's a warning sign that studying online may be a hard transition.

QUESTION 3 of 10

How many different colleges or universities have you attended since high school?

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A compelling personal goal can make a huge difference in your success! If you're driven to succeed, and are prepared to work hard to reach your goal, we've got the resources and support team to make sure you get there. But if your goal isn't compelling to you¸ you should pause before leaping into online study.

QUESTION 4 of 10

In the grand scheme of things, how big is the goal of education?

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A degree is my top priority right now. My next step in life depends on it.
This degree is definitely on my to-do list, when I can fit it in.
I like to keep my options open, and earning a degree would be great - so I am giving it some thought.
I can definitely see myself finishing college someday - maybe just not soon.
Our students are busy! When you're a full-time student, it really helps to have a solid network of family, friends, and colleagues to help you stay on track... and maybe take care of the laundry or cooking when you need to study!

QUESTION 5 of 10

Do you have the support system in place at home and/or work to go back to school?

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I mostly go it alone.
A great education is never going to be a cakewalk. Our successful students are dedicated! Typically they spend 15 to 20 hours most weeks hitting the books, working with course mentors, asking questions, preparing for exams, and submitting assignments. Are you ready for that?

QUESTION 6 of 10

Can you make time to pursue a degree?

Well, I may be able to pencil it in in a few months...
Navigating your course material online will definitely be a requirement at WGU. Online study is a different way of learning, but if you're comfortable with a computer, you should pick it up in a snap.

QUESTION 7 of 10

Technology-based learning is pretty different from the classrooms of our childhood. How comfortable are you with that?

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If you already have strong organizational skills, hooray! Even students with incredibly busy lives can succeed at WGU by staying organized and sticking with a regular study schedule.

QUESTION 8 of 10

How would you rate your organization skills?

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Earning your degree could mean many things for you. Will it help you earn more money? Get a better job? Feel empowered? Whatever the reason, it’s important to always remember that your hard work will eventually pay off.

QUESTION 9 of 10

What will getting a degree do for you?

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More money, please.
Knowledge for knowledge's sake
A better life for me and my family
I hope to find out someday
This is the “gut check” question. A strong reason for going back to school can make a huge difference in your motivation. If you’re really ready now, your chances of graduating—even accelerating the time to graduation—are darn good. However, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you have the will to succeed? If you do, you can count on us to help you get over any hurdles you encounter along the way!

QUESTION 10 of 10

So... why school? Why now?

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Nothing will get me the job, promotion, or the raise I need like a degree.
Career improvement
Things are good now, but that degree would open some new doors I’m interested in pursuing.
New opportunities
Education is always a good thing. I’m sure a
degree will come in handy down the road.
Future endeavors
I’d skip it if I could, but the pressure is on to make a change, and school is better than nothing...
Pressure from others