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Military Appreciation Month

Learn About the Experiences of Military Students at WGU


Every student is unique. We feel that your educational experience should be as individual as you are. We value our students' differences because we believe diversity brings strength, which is why we strive to be the world's most inclusive university. WGU strives to close the gap between skill and opportunity.

We work to recognize, promote, and amplify the voices of students around the country while also expanding opportunities for them. This mission motivates us to provide high-quality, equitable higher education to people from all walks of life. We work to achieve equity for all students by making college degrees more accessible.

WGU is celebrating Military Appreciation Month in November. We recognize and thank our students, alumni, and employees in the military community for their sacrifices and service to our country.

Student & Employee Spotlights

Military Appreciation: Employee Spotlight - Mike Peterson, Ph.D.

Mike describes his journey to WGU, saying, “After I left active duty, right after 9/11, I started teaching CS, Math and IT courses at a community college. One day, I saw WGU advertising Course Mentor roles back in late 2012 and was intrigued by the remote work opportunities offered.” Mike is now the Associate Dean and Director for WGU’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program.

Military Appreciation Month: Amori Colbert, TSgt in USAF, EM

Amori Colbert is an active duty member in the United States Air Force, as well as a WGU student. She is currently earning her bachelor's degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. Amori recognizes that WGU's flexible model is the key to her success.

Military Appreciation: WGU Alum and Navy Veteran Lighting the Way

Meet the person who lights the way, a two-time WGU alum and Navy veteran, Joseph Swanson. Joseph has been the Lighting Manager for the Magic Kingdom for over four years.

"We are here to support the Veteran community. WGU VERGE will provide a safe place for WGU Veterans and Families of Veterans to share their experiences while forming the bond of community. The VERGE will bolster our Veteran community of students by offering an authentic and valuable connection of support and understanding, providing stability as they reach for their dreams of a degree with WGU and future career success."

–WGU VERGE Owls Employee Resource Group

Advance Equity Speaker Series

The Power of Choice: My Journey from Wounded Warrior to World Champion 

Join us for a conversation with Melissa Stockwell on perseverance and finding ability in disability. She was the first female American to lose a limb in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb on April 13, 2004, resulting in the loss of her left leg, above the knee. She was honored with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for her service. Later she represented the USA as a member of the US Paralympic Swim Team where she was the first Iraq War veteran to qualify for the Paralympic Games.

Away from the field of play, Melissa co-founded the non-profit organization Dare2tri, which serves youth and adults with physical disabilities along with injured service members.

White House Cybersecurity Lead Shares Career Journey

When US Marine Corps veteran Nick Andersen was first introduced to the world of cybersecurity, he knew he’d found his calling.

Visit the WGU Store

WGU Store: Military Appreciation Month

Celebrate Military Appreciation Month with WGU with our officially branded merchandise!

"...I needed a school that was completely online, accredited, and would work with my schedule. I was so excited to find out that WGU is competency-based. Regardless of where my military career took me, I was able to continue my work toward my degree.”

–Nathan Siebach, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army

Featured Articles

The Internet of Good

Earning a Degree Online to Fight Cybercrime

Former Marine Finds the Right Fit in IT

Brandon was intrigued by the rigors of the cybersecurity field, a track that many of his fellow veterans end up pursuing.

Military Spouse Earns Two Degrees Amid Busy Life

Meet Mary Fredette: Mother, Military Spouse, and WGU Student

Earning his wings and a bachelor’s degree to boot

As a teenager in Puerto Rico, Cesar Zayas had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, so he took the giant step of enlisting in the United States Army.

From the trauma of war to the triumph of a college degree

For Jaime Lopez Rivera, earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from WGU in 2020 was an undeniable triumph over trauma. Nearly 20 years ago, he launched a military career with the U.S. Army, which took him to Seoul, South Korea; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; and Kuwait. During a year-long deployment from Kuwait to Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq War.

No obstacles: How a new mom and military spouse earned her degree

Being a new mom and a military spouse is challenging enough. The lack of sleep, unpredictable schedule, and frequent deployments are a lot to handle. But imagine also being a full-time college student—in the midst of a global pandemic! That was Alicia Lloyd’s reality.

From military to everyday hero: man dedicates life to service

As a “nontraditional” student, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Nathan Siebach earned his master’s degree in Management and Leadership in a unique environment – online and mostly while deployed in Kuwait and at an accelerated rate.

Earning a degree while in the military

Many military members and veterans are looking for ways to earn their college degrees. The dramatic downsizing of active-duty personnel since 1990 is a key reason why. There are now fewer available positions in the Armed Forces, and the competition for promotions is more intense. So a quality degree program can definitely help you stand out from the ranks.

How to pay for college when you’re in the military

As a service member, you’re obviously a driven individual who’s always ready for a challenge. Whether you're a cadet or army officer, you know what hard work is and how to tackle it.

Scholarships Available for Affordable Education

Scholarships are one of the many ways in which WGU removes obstacles from your path to achieving your education goals and improving your career opportunities.

Military Appreciation Scholarship

WGU offers active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their spouses an opportunity to advance their education. It's one small way we can say "thanks" for your service, your sacrifice, and your commitment to our country's future.

Active Duty

While military tuition assistance (TA) benefits are available to help service members reach their educational goals, sometimes that financial boost is not enough. WGU's Active Duty Scholarship is designed to help provide further financial assistance between TA benefit amounts and WGU's tuition. Active-duty military personnel are eligible to apply.

Military Spouse Scholarship

Moves and deployments greatly impact your ability to achieve a degree, but WGU can help you maintain your education on the go with our flexible, online education. Spouses of active duty military personnel, veterans, guard, and reservists are qualified to receive a Military Spouse Scholarship.