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Your Employer May Be a WGU Partner


WGU Partners with Employers Who Care About Your Career Advancement 


Here at WGU, we are constantly working to create partnerships with companies who are dedicated to changing the lives of their employees. We partner with corporations, school districts, healthcare facilities, associations, and many other organizations to help them create new opportunities for their employees. These partnerships help employees become students, enabling them to boost their résumés, enhance their careers, and reach their educational goals. This is beneficial for employees and employers alike—more learning leads to a highly trained workforce, which helps everyone succeed and thrive.

Featured Partners

WGU partners with hundreds of companies to help increase learning opportunities for every individual. Some of our partners include:

Employer Satisfaction

WGU graduates boast degrees that prepare them to succeed in their careers.

Prepared for Success on the Job

*From a 2023 Harris Poll of 300 employers of WGU graduates.

100% of employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.*

97% of employers said that they would hire another WGU grad.*

98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.*

Our Partnerships with Community Colleges Can Make it Simpler to Transfer to WGU

Looking to transfer to WGU? Our partnerships with community colleges across the country help students like you continue their education. Community college graduates who are looking to move forward with their education and earn a bachelor's degree can access easy transfer options with our many partnerships. WGU helps prepare students for their post-graduation needs, offers four-year programs that often take much less time to complete, and focuses on strong transfer agreements to help community college graduates move through their education efficiently. 

What Our Partners and Advocates Say

“I’m impressed by the results in places like Western Governors University. Its low-cost online programs rely on competency-based progression, not class time or credit hours. It uses external assessments to evaluate student proficiency.”

Bill Gates

“Why American Colleges Have to Change”

"WGU gives students the ability to really assemble the complete package, from the subject matter to the specific skills to the certification that gives employers confidence when they're making a hiring decision."

Brad Smith

President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft

“What we need are people who are truly versatile, able to learn efficiently and effectively. ... Those are the kind of people [who] represent graduates of Western Governors University.”

John Steele
Senior Vice President of Human Relations
HCA Healthcare

"Businesses need workers who are ready to hit the ground running in their chosen fields. WGU graduates arrive on the job with the skills they need. Thanks to WGU, employers have top-flight workers ready to rise to any challenge."

Lydia Nesbitt-Arronte
Borderplex Economic Alliance, El Paso, Texas