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A Personalized Start to Your Degree with a Course Bundle

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Starting on your academic journey should be straightforward and rewarding. That's where WGU Course Bundles come in handy. 

Crafted to keep your ambitions and needs in alignment, WGU Course Bundles are more than just two courses. They're a launchpad to your future. With each bundle, you delve into a college course tailored to an industry of your interest, creating a seamless pathway to a WGU bachelor's degree.

Want to know the best part? The entire experience is flexible and catered to the digital age. Experience the convenience of self-paced online learning. And, with our bundle offers, you don't just gain valuable knowledge; you also save on 6 college credits. Aim to finish within 3 months, and you're not just walking away with newfound knowledge, but also 6 transferable course credits to fast-track your academic journey.

Student support is the focus and passion of the WGU experience. From student success coaches,24/7 tutoring, exams, and much more all included. Rest easy knowing everything's bundled into your tuition, with no hidden costs. 

It's more than just coursework; it's a stepping stone to your brighter future. With WGU Course Bundles, embark on a journey of academic and career excellence.

Enroll now, save, and set the course for transformation. We also offer single courses and certificate programs.

*By completing your selected course bundle and providing proof of a high school or equivalent completion, you will be able to matriculate into a relevant WGU bachelor's degree program, and the courses you have completed will stack toward completion of that degree.



per bundle*

*Eligible students are able to pursue their course bundle for the low cost of $99 per course. If students do not complete their course in the expected timeframe of 2 months, they may pay an additional $99 per month to complete. Some courses have a timeline of more than 2 months and the cost is still $99 per course.

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Select the course bundle or single course that applies to your intended WGU degree program. Enroll and begin your coursework right away.

You don't have to wait for a new term to start single or bundled courses!


Term Length: 3 months

You’re an aspiring business professional who wants to make a positive disruption in the marketplace. WGU has the resources and know-how to give you the skills that you need to become a market disruptor. The Business Course Bundle is the perfect place to start. 

This course bundle includes two transferable courses: the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development, which satisfies the Intro to Communications prerequisite, and your choice of one additional course: English Composition IIntroduction to Statistics, or U.S. History. These all offer guaranteed admission into a WGU bachelor's degree in the School of Business.  

Computer Science

Term Length: 3 months

Unlock the dynamic world of computer science with our tailored course bundle. Secure your admission and seamlessly transfer credits directly into WGU's Computer Science bachelor’s degree program. Besides this, we also have single courses and certificate programs available for those looking to further enhance their expertise.

By delving into two pivotal courses—precalculus and the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development—you'll find yourself at the crossroads of academic success and potential career advancement. These courses are strategically designed to not only fulfill prerequisites for the WGU Computer Science bachelor’s degree but also to equip you with robust online learning strategies, ensuring you can navigate digital courses efficiently. 


Term Length: 3 months

Get your start into the world of education with WGU's Education Course Bundle. This bundle guarantees your admission and credit transfer to the WGU College of Education. Plus, we offer individual courses and certificate programs tailored to your needs. 

Begin your educator journey here. By completing two courses: the Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA) and your choice of English Composition IIntroduction to Statistics, or U.S. History, you're setting the stage for your School of Education bachelor's degree at WGU.

Information Technology

Term Length: 3 months

This WGU Course Bundle in I.T. will expedite your journey toward a WGU School of Technology bachelor's degree program. All courses are 100% online and self-paced, allowing you to study and learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. You can complete these courses in 2-3 months and earn course credits that not only transfer to WGU but also guarantee your admission into the School of Technology.

Our I.T. Course Bundle features two essential courses: CompTIA IT Fundamentals and (PACA): Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development. Each course equips you with the skills needed to excel in college and thrive in the world of Information Technology. The best part of this course bundle is that you’ll earn an IT certification, preparing you for entry-level roles in the I.T. industry.

Healthcare and Nursing

Term Length: 3 months

Is your dream to help others heal and be a key player in the healthcare sector? Our course bundle is tailored for those with aspirations in Nursing, Healthcare Management, and related fields.

WGU understands the profound difference healthcare professionals make. This is why our course bundle equips future healthcare workers with the tools they need for a rewarding career. 

With this bundle, you'll start with the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development and then choose another course: English Composition IIntroduction to Statistics, or U.S. History. All credits transfer directly into our healthcare bachelor's degree programs. 

Data Analytics

Term Length: 3 months

Step into the rapidly evolving world of Data Analytics with WGU's Data Analytics Course Bundle. This tailor-made bundle not only sets you on a promising track to delve deep into data but also ensures a smooth progression within WGU.

Kick-start your data-driven journey with two foundational courses: PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development and Introduction to Statistics. By mastering these subjects, you're paving the way to a specialized education in data analytics at WGU.

What is the PACA Course?


PACA is not just a course; it’s a catalyst for change.

The Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA) serves as our secret sauce for your success. In this transferable Introduction to Communications course, you'll learn not only about the power of communication but also how to build a thriving mindset, practice emotional regulation, and develop emotional intelligence. Within PACA, you'll explore your motivations and emotions, and learn how they impact your goal-setting, outlook, and actions. You'll acquire the skills to take action as you gain confidence in your abilities. These are all skills that will benefit you in college, your career, and life.

*PACA is a live, cohort-based course.

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