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Computer Science

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Computer Science

This course bundle offering enables you to matriculate into a relevant WGU bachelor's degree program and will stack toward the completion of that degree. View course bundles and certificate programs.

Unlock the dynamic world of computer science with our tailored course bundle. Secure your admission and seamlessly transfer credits directly into WGU's Computer Science bachelor’s degree program. Besides this, we also have single courses and certificate programs available for those looking to further enhance their expertise.

By delving into two pivotal courses—precalculus and the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development—you'll find yourself at the crossroads of academic success and potential career advancement. These courses are strategically designed to not only fulfill prerequisites for the WGU Computer Science bachelor’s degree but also to equip you with robust online learning strategies, ensuring you can navigate digital courses efficiently. 

Why Computer Science? In our interconnected world, where technology reshapes our daily lives, professionals in computer science are more essential than ever. Whether it's diving into software development, safeguarding data through cybersecurity, or pioneering breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, a computer science degree is your gateway to countless industries and rewarding career avenues.

Benefit from the convenience of WGU’s online learning platform. Dictate your learning pace, immerse in our robust resources, and aim to wrap up both courses in under 3 months. 

Sign up today, and without any delay, immerse yourself in the transformative realm of computer science. Remember, your success in precalculus is not just a stepping stone, but an essential requirement for the Computer Science bachelor's degree at WGU.

*Please note: successful completion of precalculus is a required prerequisite of the Computer Science bachelor's degree program at WGU.


Computer Science Course Bundle includes precalculus and PACA.
(2-3 months to complete*)

*If the course bundle is not completed within its designated 3-month term period, a $99 monthly extension fee will be charged until completed or withdrawn. You may cancel at any time.

Benefits of this Course Bundle

100% online

& self-paced

Same-day start 

Earn course credits

PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development


Have you ever heard the term Thriving Mindset? When you have this mindset, you approach life with curiosity. You are eager to learn new things, reach goals, manage your emotions, and develop resilience. With resilience, you can adapt to and overcome obstacles you encounter. Sound interesting?

In PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development, you will work on your Thriving Mindset to learn about what makes you tick. You will explore your motivations and how they impact your goal setting. You will strengthen your belief in your own abilities. And you will reflect on your emotions and how they influence your outlook and actions. These skills will help you succeed in school, at work, and in your personal life. In fact, as you take this course, you may even see your relationships with others evolve and improve.

As you progress in this course, you will find a path to success that is uniquely your own. Along the way, you will discover how mindfulness can keep you centered and focused. You will develop empathy for others—but also for yourself. And these skills will help you make the most out of all that you do.

The material you study in this course may be challenging. Sometimes self-exploration can be uncomfortable. But try not to shy away from that discomfort. Your PACA Coach is available to help you understand and manage your response to challenges. If you encounter topics or assessments that seem overwhelming, be sure to ask for help! Your WGU Academy team is here to support you every step of the way. 



Have you ever realized that math is all around us—in the form of fractions, division, decimals, algebra, and more?  In Precalculus, you’ll become comfortable with these math basics and learn how they can help you every day, including maneuvering many of the challenges life may throw at you.

You probably know that math will help you manage a budget at work or at home, and help you tip a server at your favorite restaurant. But did you know that NASA uses math to get astronauts into space? Math is also required for video games, heart rate monitors, gourmet recipes, and construction projects.

This course also prepares you for higher-level math courses, which build on the basics you’ll learn here. And, as you learn more, your belief in your own math abilities will increase.

Along the way, you may have moments when everything makes sense, and other times when it feels confusing and overwhelming. When that happens, simply ask for help. Your instructor and the rest of the WGU Academy team are here to support you every step of the way. 

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Required Courses for the Computer Science Degree Pathway

  • Orientation
  • PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development
  • Precalculus

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Plus, you’ll have access to all of our student support services, including your own certified Student Success Coach, course instructors, a writing center, and 24/7 tutoring. 

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Your course instructors have extensive experience working with adult learners like you. They are enthusiastic about helping you discover and express your unique voice in your writing and helping you navigate math challenges. They are available to meet with you one-to-one. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with them whenever needed! They are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your educational journey.

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Through coaching psychology, our student success coaches support, motivate and empower you to overcome obstacles and develop effective study habits throughout your educational journey. They help you become the best version of yourself through motivational interviewing techniques to help you identify your strengths, clarify your aspirations, and work with you to create a personalized plan for success.

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