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Fundamentals of Information Security

Single Course Offering


Fundamentals of Information Security

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Technology is advancing by the minute, clearing a path to exciting and promising opportunities. But with every new development comes the threat of devastating cyberattacks. Organizations across the globe need highly skilled professionals to become a shield against cyber threats as they keep networks, data, and valuable assets secure. Are you ready to take on that in-demand role?

Dive into the Fundamentals of Information Security course and take your first step toward a degree in the College of IT at WGU. In this immersive course, you will discover the basics of combating cyber threats and position yourself for academic progression and career advancement. This course isn’t just a steppingstone – it's the foundation for a stable future in a growing industry.  

Why should you pursue Information Security? The need for cybersecurity experts is pressing. Data is one of the biggest assets in today’s world. Organizations value it, and cyber criminals want it at all costs. Whether you’re safeguarding confidential information, identifying vulnerabilities in defense systems, or implementing cybersecurity best practices, this course opens doors to a wide range of sectors and lucrative career paths. 

Embrace flexibility with WGU’s online learning as you customize your courses, tap into diverse resources, and complete the course in just 3 months. 

Are you ready for a rewarding career in an industry you can count on? Enroll today and secure your future in the digital age.

Benefits of this Single Course

100% online and self-paced

$750 tuition with no additonal fees

Earn 3 course credits

What's in it for You?

In addition to earning course credit, you’ll learn the following:


Uncovering security principles enhances asset protection and cyber defense. This knowledge forms the basis for robust security policies and methods.



Identifying security requirements ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These principles are crucial for trustworthy and effective digital interactions.



Recognizing cybersecurity guidelines supports privacy and compliance. This awareness is key for legal adherence and ethical information handling.

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Credit Earning

Earn 3 course credits—transferable to WGU

What is the Cost?


Fundamentals of Information Security course only
(Two months to complete*)

*If the course is not completed within the Two-month time frame, a $99 monthly subscription fee will be charged until completed or withdrawn. You may cancel at any time.

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