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PACA—Program for Academic
and Career Advancement 

Single Course Offering


PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development

This single course offering enables you to matriculate into a relevant WGU bachelor's degree program and will stack toward the completion of that degree. View course bundles and certificate programs.

Unlock your potential with the PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development, a course designed with your growth in mind. This isn't adopting a thriving mindset; it's about understanding what drives you, pushing your boundaries, and navigating the challenges that come with personal growth.

Having a Thriving Mindset means you'll face life eager to learn, equipped to adapt, and with the skills to manage emotions. In PACA, you'll delve deep into your motivations and see how they shape your aspirations. You'll work on strengthening your self-belief and understanding the emotions guiding your actions. These insights will benefit you in the classroom, at work, and in personal relationships.

By the end of the course, you'll have both a stronger sense of self and practical skills. From mastering the calming power of mindfulness to developing empathy, you'll be better equipped to handle challenges.

We know that exploring yourself can be daunting. That's why your dedicated PACA Coach is always on hand, ready to guide and support you. And if things ever feel tough, remember: the WGU Academy team is with you, supporting you each step of the way.

Completing PACA also places you on the right path for WGU's bachelor's degree programs, ensuring a smooth and successful academic journey.


Benefits of this Single Course

Connect with your PACA coach—and your fellow learners

$750 tuition with no additional fees

Earn 3 course credits

What's in it for You?

In addition to earning college credit, you’ll learn the following:

Thought-Provoking Live Sessions

You’ll be part of a cohort—a group of students who have the same PACA Coach. In your seven live sessions, you’ll discuss the course material, share your ideas, and have the opportunity to ask questions and consider viewpoints from others.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand, use, and manage your emotions to communicate effectively. You'll reflect on your emotions and how they influence your outlook and actions.

Thriving Mindset

Develop a mental attitude where you approach life with curiosity. Where you’re eager to learn new things, reach goals, manage your emotions, and develop resilience. With resilience, you can adapt to and overcome obstacles you encounter.

One-on-one Coaching

You'll be supported by WGU Academy coaches trained in coaching psychology and motivational interviewing. They will listen to what you want to accomplish and with help you develop and build your future.

Let's get started.

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Credit Earning

Earn 3 course credits—transferable to WGU.

What is the Cost?


PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development Course only
(Three months to complete*)

* If the single course is not completed within its designated 3 month term period, a $99 monthly extension fee will be charged until completed or withdrawn. You may cancel at any time.

$1,500 - $1,750

Other Single Course + PACA: Introduction to Communications & Reflective Development
(three months to complete*)

*If the course bundle is not completed within its designated 3-4 month term period, a $99 monthly extension fee will be charged until completed or withdrawn. You may cancel at any time.

Thought Provoking Live Sessions


One unique feature of PACA is the live video sessions you will attend. As a PACA learner, you will be part of a cohort—a group of students all with the same PACA Coach. In your seven live sessions, you will discuss the course material and share your ideas. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and consider viewpoints from others. This experience can be life-changing!  

Student Success Coaches


Through coaching psychology, our student success coaches empower you to overcome obstacles, develop effective study habits, and maintain motivation throughout your educational journey. They utilize motivational interviewing techniques to help you identify your strengths, clarify your aspirations, and work with you to create a personalized plan for success.

Support You Can Count On


Having trouble accessing your account? Not sure about an assessment? We offer a wide range of support no matter what issue you encounter. Our Student Care team will help you with questions about enrollment, program requirements, and other steps toward your success.

Plus, you’ll have access to all of our student support services, including your own certified Student Success Coach, course instructors, a writing center, and 24/7 tutoring. 

Steps to Enroll

First, choose your path at WGU Academy. Once you have decided, you may take your orientation program and begin your coursework upon orientation completion.