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Specific requirements for B.S. Nursing (Prelicensure) program.

WGU’s BS Nursing (Prelicensure) requires the courses listed below to be completed with at least a C or better as a prerequisite to be considered for enrollment into the Pre-Nursing Curriculum.

Below is a selection of courses from other institutions that may meet these requirements. This selection is for your convenience only and does not represent a special endorsement. Courses from other regionally or nationally accredited colleges and universities may meet the requirements, too.

Language and Communication

One course in English composition, equivalent to 3 units, excluding business writing. *This requirement can be satisfied by an associate's or bachelor’s degree for this program.

Composition 1

One course in speech and communication equivalent to 3 units.  *This requirement can be satisfied by a bachelor’s degree for this program.

Public Speaking

Social Science

One course in Psychology, one course in Human Growth and Development, and one course in either Sociology or Anthropology.



(Note: Human development coursework must address human development throughout the lifespan. Child development or adolescent development will not meet this competency.)


One course, equivalent to 3 units, in the humanities (i.e. literature, visual and performing arts, music, theatre, philosophy, ethics or religious studies). This requirement can be satisfied by a bachelor’s degree for this program.

History and Civics

One course, equivalent to 3 units, in U.S. history or World history. This requirement can be met by a bachelor's degree.

Nursing Related Science

Two courses equivalent to 8 units in anatomy and physiology which include at least 2 units of lab.

One 4 unit equivalent course in microbiology that includes lab.

Options for additional transferrable courses (not required as prerequisites)