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WGU’s Onward with Learning (OWL) Transfer Program


OWL is a transfer program between Western Governors University and several community colleges across the country. This partnership provides seamless academic pathways for students to complete their associate degree and guarantees admission into specific majors at WGU to promote timely bachelor's degree graduation.

OWL focuses on early engagement and preparation to ensure students are ready to succeed at WGU when they enroll. By opting to participate in the OWL program, you will receive regular communication from WGU that will support you in your pursuit of an associate degree with encouraging information on time management, study skills, career opportunities, and advising for course selection.

Who Is the OWL Program For?

The OWL program is for current community college students who have at least 2 semesters remaining in community college. See a list of community colleges that participate.

What Is Included in the OWL Program?

The program will provide three free transfer preparation courses that nurture you through your associate degree, provide transfer benefits to WGU, and allow you to experience what a day in the life of a WGU student looks like. To learn more about the specifics of the OWL program, see the checklist and FAQ information below or watch this informational video.

OWL Perks

Students who enroll in the OWL program will:

  • Be placed on an academic path that ensures they will earn maximum credit for the course work they completed at the community college with their associate degree.
  • Have access to the  PACA course.
  • Be advised on course selection, GPA requirements, enrollment, and admissions criteria to ensure seamless transfer to WGU
  • Join the WGU Night Owl community.
  • Have the help of academic advisors at partner community colleges and WGU transfer advisor to monitor progress and ensure all necessary requirements for enrollment at WGU are met.
  • Have free access to specially designed transfer courses throughout their program to ensure they are prepared to attend WGU.
  • Receive regular communication from WGU during their time at community college.
  • Receive an OWL program participant gift.
  • Have guaranteed admission to one of 19 programs at WGU or easy access to apply to another WGU program.

Sign Up to Get More Information about the OWL Transfer Program

This form will help you receive information and enroll you in the OWL Transfer Program. It will not enroll you in WGU at this time—when you graduate from your community college your WGU transfer advisor will help you in the WGU enrollment process.

Participating Institutions

Get Credit

Find your institution and more details about how WGU will evaluate your credits for transfer.

Transfer details

How WGU Makes Transfers Easier for Students

Balancing work, school, and family life is challenging enough. One of the ways WGU helps ease the stress and soften the burden of pursuing a bachelor’s degree is by simplifying the process for students transferring from another institution to WGU. We understand that transferring can be complicated, but rest assured that WGU is here for you and ready to make your transfer as easy as possible so you can more quickly move onto pursuing your degree. WGU makes transferring easier by:

  • Ensuring your associate degree will transfer toward a bachelor's degree program at WGU
  • Helping you get needed prerequisites for a new program at WGU
  • Providing strong articulation pathways to maximize community college credit transfer
  • Streamlining the online registration and enrollment process
  • Announcing monthly enrollment dates
  • Offering a flexible online schedule with all courses offered every term
  • Offering competency-based education which allows for students to accelerate through their programs
  • Offering affordable flat-rate tuition that allows for acceleration at no additional cost


By enrolling in OWL, students will have a seamless transition to WGU. Degree pathways were designed to ensure that courses completed for their associate degree will apply towards a WGU bachelor's degree. The OWL program gives students a direct, efficient pathway from community college to WGU.

If you are enrolled, or plan to enroll, at one of our OWL partner community colleges and plan to earn your bachelor’s degree in one of 19 degree programs, you are eligible to participate in the OWL program. 

  • Graduate with an associate degree in two or three years from your community college.
  • Achieve a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Meet all requirements of the degree pathway.
  • Complete all WGU application requirements.
  • Advising from both the community college and WGU.
  • OWL transition courses to ensure an easy transfer process.
  • Guaranteed enrollment into select bachelor’s degree programs, if criteria are met.
  • Guaranteed scholarship awards, if criteria are met.
  • Ability to meet first two-year credit requirements.
  • Connect with your transfer institution and other students in the OWL program through social media.
  • Opportunity to receive regular engagement that will nurture you through your educational experience.
  • Opportunity to participate in self enhancement webinars from WGU.

Still have questions?

Watch an on-demand OWL webinar