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Online Degrees

Part of Western Governors University

How WGU Academy works.

WGU Academy is designed for simplicity as much as possible. Signing up is simple. Interacting with your course materials is simple. Transferring courses back to WGU is simple, too. This doesn’t mean, however, that your actual courses will be simple. You should expect to be challenged and demonstrate your knowledge and competence just like you would in any other college course. That said, you can count on WGU Academy’s entire staff to support your progress fully.

Getting started.

WGU Academy courses are carefully aligned with the academic programs of Western Governors University. Once you know the program or degree area at WGU that interests you—business, IT, health, or teaching—visit that part of the WGU Academy website and do the following:

  1. Complete the enrollment process online.
  2. Make arrangements for tuition payment as part of enrolling.
  3. Select the 2 to 3 courses that meet your future needs at WGU.
  4. Take the online Orientation right away.
  5. Schedule your Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA) cohort.
  6. Begin your first course when you’re ready-even the same day!

Speak to an Academy Enrollment Counselor first if you have any questions. (888) 210-8880

More about courses.

Depending upon your degree interest, you may be required to take certain courses, whereas you may have options on other courses. Be sure the courses you select align with your eventual academic and career objectives.

Courses are largely self-paced. This means you will be studying independently on your schedule with 24/7 access to learning resources, such as e-textbooks (which are FREE). Tutors for each course are available, too. Use them. You won’t regret it. Many courses have several quizzes or assignments along the way and a final test or assignment at the end. A strong pace and a regular study schedule are important keys to success.

Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA).

Based on an award-winning course at WGU, PACA will strengthen your confidence and resolve, develop your self-directed learning skills, and provide a foundation for both academic and career success. As a part of your PACA experience you will be assigned a personal coach. Many of the most successful people in the world are supported by coaches – such as sports coaches, life coaches, and executive coaches. Effective coaching focuses on learning, developing skills, and creating an environment that supports and sustains your commitment. While personalized coaching often costs a great deal in other settings, your coaching experience here at WGU Academy is included in your tuition.

Monthly flat-rate tuition.

Tuition is charged at a low, flat rate each month rather than as a per-course fee. This is incredibly efficient for you. The faster you finish each course, the lower your overall tuition at WGU Academy will be. At the same time, because your Academy courses will transfer to WGU, you’re likely reducing the future tuition you would pay at WGU, too. 

Assessments & grading.

WGU Academy, like WGU, believes strongly that a student’s actual learning is what matters, not how long a course takes. So our emphasis is on assessing the competence of students in each course when they are ready.

The assessment or grading approach for each course can be slightly different. Some courses rely upon objective questions (such as multiple choice) where there’s a known answer. Other courses use graded assignments that require expert graders to evaluate your work against carefully designed rubrics.

Objective exams are proctored. A proctored exam is a test that is supervised by an approved, neutral person (a proctor) who ensures the identity of the test taker and integrity of the test taking environment. WGU Academy uses an online proctoring service called ProctorU, who will connect to your computer and webcam while the test is being administered. You’ll learn more about the requirements for proctoring before your first usage. (More in Orientation.)

You must receive at least a “C” in any WGU Academy course for it to transfer to WGU. For most courses, retakes are allowed as part of your learning experience. Additional details about retake policies will be covered during Orientation.

Transitioning back to WGU.

Most WGU Academy students who are interested in a bachelor’s degree will transition to WGU when they finish their courses here. There’s a simple process for sending your Academy transcript to WGU with just a click. And if you have any remaining non-academic steps you need to complete at WGU, such as finishing the financial aid application process, your original WGU Enrollment Counselor or the Admissions team at WGU will facilitate your needs. 

Call (888) 210-8880