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Hear From Diane Dahl A Teachers College Grad

Dec 16, 2010

Introducing Diane Dahl, a graduate from WGU Teachers College. Diane will be guest blogging for us today, and will share her WGU experience and advice. Welcome Diane!

Getting Your Teaching Degree Online For many people, attending a brick and mortar college is not an option. Online degrees are available, but are they taken seriously?  The question nagged at me when I applied to WGU seven years ago.  I knew I had to give it a try anyway.  I’m thankful I did. I am now in my fourth year of teaching, have an award winning educational blog, and I am the creator of the Brain Based Teaching group on the Edupln Ning. I would like to share some tips for students who are currently attending, or thinking of enrolling in the WGU Teachers College.

Getting Started:

My first class was Education Without Boundaries. That first class is a gem. Pay close attention, the motivational and organizational skills taught are vital.

Be Prepared for Ups and Downs: 

It is important to know ahead of time that you will have ups and downs with your motivational level. You will finish several classes rather quickly, then one day… you won’t feel like studying.  That day will turn into two, then three, then a month.  Don’t let it continue!  There are several things you can do to stay motivated.

  • Have an accountability buddy.  This can be a fellow student, coworker, family, or friend. 
  • Stop by the message forums for motivation. 
  • Join educational chats on twitter (#edchat, #spedchat, and #ntchat are just a few).
  • Blog about your learning experiences.
  • Join online educational groups.
  • Set learning goals.
  • Stay connected with your mentor.

Stay Positive:

No matter what school you attend, there will be times you get frustrated.  You may get back an assignment with a grade you don’t agree with, or a class you don’t like.  Although it might be frustrating at the time, once you graduate it won’t matter anymore.  Keep the big picture in mind. Your ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of children. 

The WGU Curriculum: 

The goal of WGU is to prepare you to be the best teacher you can possibly be.  The curriculum is chosen to reflect the latest strategies available for effective teaching.  I know this because the professional development I attended as a new teacher was actually a REVIEW for me. 

Lesson planning strategies taught are impeccable.  No matter what anyone tells you, the time will come when you will have to write a lesson plan as a teacher.  WGU’s lesson planning techniques reflect the latest research in effective teaching. 

Getting a Teaching Job:

When you go to an interview, go in with the knowledge and training you received while attended WGU. Stand tall and be confident.  Let your optimism shine.  Principals look for enthusiastic teachers who want the best for their students.  


I cannot emphasize enough how well WGU prepares their teaching candidates.  If you attend WGU, go forward knowing you are receiving the most effective and current education possible.  Will your online degree be taken seriously?  Yes!

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