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April 15, 2019


How business students can blaze their own trails.

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So many career paths are available to business students that it can be tough for them to identify exactly what they want to accomplish. When Adelina Priddis set out to get a bachelor's degree in marketing management, she didn't imagine that it would change her life—or the lives of the people around her. She just thought it would be interesting. She thought it would be a great way to further her education while still feeling good about being a mother to five children.

Priddis didn't know at the outset that WGU's marketing program would give her the tools she needed to become her own boss and to lead others. She just wanted to pursue a degree that allowed her to balance family life with her education. But she was surprised at the extent and consistency of the support she received at WGU—and how it empowered her to dream big.

Finding consistent support.

From the very start of her WGU experience, Priddis knew she'd made the right choice—because she felt like she belonged.

A 2016 article published by Learning & the Brain notes that a sense of belonging is critical to student success, as that sense motivates students to succeed. Having teachers, administrators, and peers who help create an environment of inclusion can yield higher engagement and improved academic performance. Priddis found this support during her time at WGU, and it helped her succeed in her academics, and later in her career.

"My weekly phone calls with my mentor were key to keeping me on track," she says. "The relationship created a built-in support system that was key to follow through on my dream for a higher education and a new way to earn a living."

Building confidence.

Priddis parlayed her marketing degree into fulfilling her entrepreneurial dream. She now runs her own virtual assistant company, AVVA Social, which is focused on helping small businesses navigate social media—at a price they can afford.

WGU prepared Priddis for another enriching opportunity — changing the lives of other entrepreneurs who also happened to be mothers.

"Before I began my time at WGU, I was a blogger for a number of years," she says. "I found myself often giving advice to other mom friends looking to start up their own at-home business using blogging and social media. I wanted to start offering informed advice, so I turned to WGU. 

Thanks to Western Governors University, I learned more about how to start and run a successful business. WGU prepared me to run the finances, understand business law, and have the confidence to go out and begin my own company."

Finding her own path.

From this empowered and informed position, Priddis has shared her experience and education with other people who want to make a living while staying home and caring for their children. She's modest about the impact she's had; ask her, and she'll simply say that she's just "inspired other moms to be true to who they are, and not be afraid to jump in with both feet."

This is exactly the advice that Seth Godin, author of This Is Marketing, says is what works in marketing. Godin laid out his challenge in Entrepreneur: be relevant, not loud.

Priddis couldn't agree more.

"I believe the biggest impact happens on a personal level as we connect with others and share our stories to inspire them to be their best," she says.

A career in business requires persistence, support, and determination. Priddis credits her business education for giving her the confidence, discipline, and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed. Her thriving business is proof positive of that success.


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