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Student Highlight: Kelly High

Dec 13, 2017

As a single mother of two children, ages 13 and 16, and a clinical coordinator nurse in Occupational Health at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, Kelly High already had her hands full. Even though her schedule was extremely busy, Kelly made it a personal goal to go back to school and complete her master’s degree.

After enrolling in a local master’s degree program, Kelly quickly found that not every school would work for her. “It was extremely expensive and left a bad taste in my mouth for wanting to pursue anything further,” she said. Frustrated, but not discouraged, Kelly kept looking for a program that would be a perfect fit for her busy life.

After seeing various coworkers become WGU Missouri alumni, learning about the various scholarship opportunities, and the overall affordability of WGU Missouri, Kelly was sold! “After I received encouragement from my children and my employer, I made the best decision ever in choosing WGU Missouri,” said High.

Managing her personal and professional life has actually been easier than Kelly ever imagined, and believes that her student mentor was key to her ability to do it all. “She personalizes her time with me and is my main cheerleader at WGU Missouri. The support I receive at WGU Missouri is by far the thing that pushes me toward success daily. With the self-paced classes, I do not feel as if I have to choose between my personal and professional life fever that of improving myself and obtaining my master’s. WGU Missouri makes me feel like I am important to their success. It’s the personalized care and concern they have for me makes my experience amazing,” she said.

WGU Missouri’s competency-based program works well for Kelly, who says that “competency based training sets a standard in which the learner can show their ability. I like that, as a student, I have set goals and I am able to move past those to create new goals each semester by completing classes ahead of schedule if I want to. Through well-orchestrated cohorts, easy to read textbooks, and online materials the format was predictable and has allowed for my continued success.”

Kelly feels that obtaining her master’s degree from WGU Missouri will positively impact her life in several ways. It will allow her to continue on a path of professional success, show her children the value and meaning of higher education, advance in her field of nursing with confidence, and decrease her personal stress by having a sense of security and accomplishment. Even before graduating, Kelly has been able to seek leadership opportunities within her organization. “WGU Missouri has given me the confidence and knowledge to succeed wherever I may go professionally.” When asked what she would tell someone who is considering earning a degree from WGU Missouri, Kelly said, “DO IT NOW!! I tell anyone that will listen how wonderful WGU Missouri is. This includes every member of their staff. From the IT person who helped me to set up my computer, to my mentor with weekly calls, cheerleading, and valued advice for success. I also love to tell others about the many scholarship opportunities WGU Missouri offers. It is another big reason I am proud to be a student at WGU Missouri. I can’t wait to be alumni and return the encouragement to others.”

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