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Take a Chance on a New Career

Pursuing a degree can set you up for success in a new career.

Apr 23, 2020

Are you bored with your current career? Do you want to spice up your life with something different? With National Take a Chance Day being on April 23rd, we at WGU Nevada want to encourage you to take a chance on a new career path and pursue a degree. Understandably, it might be scary to try new things or branch out of your comfort zone, but you’re never going to know what it’s like to try out something new if you don’t put yourself out there and go for it. WGU Nevada offers a plethora of degrees that you can choose from, anything ranging from business degrees, to IT degrees, to even nursing degrees. We make it extremely easy to apply, get scholarships and pay for this type of education. Taking a chance shouldn’t be hard especially with the resources that are available at WGU.

Taking a chance on a new degree isn’t limited to just new students. Maybe you already have a degree and simply want to pursue something you deem new or relevant. While it might be easy to write these feelings off and walk the path that’s most familiar, know that taking a chance on a new career should be seen as an option for anyone. Change is a part of life, and people choose to reinvent themselves constantly. It’s difficult to know whether an industry is right for you or not if you don’t give yourself a chance to seek out what most fits your skill set.

WGU Nevada offers tuition help, financial aid, and scholarships to make taking a chance on a new degree easier. Education should not be limited by your financial situation, which is why WGU offers scholarships that both new and old students can apply for, to ensure that paying for education is the least of your worries. By offering scholarships in all degree fields, IT, nursing, business and teaching, anyone looking to try out a new degree can apply for scholarships to lessen any headaches caused by the cost of schooling. These scholarships are easy to apply for, just fill out a simple application and then submit. It’s as easy as that to start a new path in life, try out something new and Take a Chance. And who better to take a chance with than WGU Nevada.

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