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Top 10 Questions from Prospective IT Degree Students – WGU

Jul 23, 2018

Are you thinking about earning an online degree in IT? You may have a few questions about WGU’s IT programs. We’ve got answers for you!

Watch a recording below of our recent Ask A Grad Webinar that answers the top 10 questions prospective students have about WGU’s College of IT – all from the perspective of a WGU graduate.

Ask a grad webinar: top 10 questions from prospective IT students.

Featuring: Spencer Wade, WGU Alumni Ambassador
B.S. Information Technology, 2013
Founder and Principal Strategist, Lift Conversions

Topics of discussion include certifications, eligibility requirements, programming languages, and more. Watch Spencer as he answers these most frequently asked questions about earning an online IT degree at WGU:

  1. Can I do my certifications first?
  2. What Certifications will I get and are they covered in the cost of the program?
  3. What programming languages are covered?
  4. How do I meet eligibility requirements for the program?
  5. What were the best and hardest aspects of the program?
  6. Are the programs truly self-paced and were you able to accelerate any part of the program?
  7. Did you ever have a hard time passing a course?
  8. Have you had any experiences where employers were hesitant to hire you because of having earned your degree online?
  9. Is WGU accredited and why is accreditation important?
  10. How much is my education going to cost me?

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