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What Are The Best Gig Economy Jobs and Apps

Jul 26, 2019

Gig economy definition.

You may have heard about the gig economy, but what exactly does that mean? The gig economy is a popular term for freelance or contract workers who take freelance jobs on-demand, and are often working multiple freelance jobs at once. These multiple freelance jobs are referred to as “gigs,” thus the name the gig economy. Gig economy workers may work these multiple gigs to bolster their income. There are roughly 57 million gig economy workers in the U.S., which is roughly ⅓ of the entire working population.

The internet and apps are key to the gig economy worker, whether they are full-time or part-time workers. Employers or consumers can request services or products and can be matched to a gig worker. This can happen through specific websites and software programs, or simply through job listings that specific it’s a temporary or contract job. The app or internet can help work out wages, ensure that the worker has the right skills, do marketing for the worker, and ensure that freelance jobs are taken care of for an individual or company.

There are a variety of kinds of work that utilize gig economy workers, from drivers to technology. If being a part of the gig economy is interesting to you, there are options for higher income gigs that can come when you have specific training and education. WGU can help you get the training you need to be qualified for these gig economy positions. 

Whatever freelance job is interesting to you, the economy is extremely friendly to freelancers currently. Make the most of your skills by finding a freelance job that will help increase your income, whether you want full time or part-time work.

Gig economy jobs.


One of the most popular freelance jobs within the gig economy is a driver. There is often little training or licensure requirement to be a certain kind of driver. While there is training and licensure to be a large truck driver, being a delivery driver, a personal driver, or passenger driver doesn’t require anything but a regular license. 

Being a driver is a popular gig economy job because you can often choose when you want to drive, and the kind of driver you’d like to be. From delivering food and packages to driving people, there are many options. You can often choose which kinds of jobs to accept, on a schedule that works for you. The wages for drivers are often stable and good, meaning working as a driver is a great option for many people.

Consulting accountant.

It’s completely possible to be an accountant in the gig economy. Whether you take consulting jobs, work directly with small companies to organize and help with their finances, or take lots of tax clients, there are many ways to create a solid gig economy system as an accountant. Many customers and businesses want to find a single independent contractor who can help them get their finances on track, and aren’t interested in trying to find a full-time person or an entire firm to do the work for them. Gig economy accountants are the perfect solution.

If you’re interested in becoming an accountant and taking on clients, WGU can help. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting, you have the training you need right at your fingertips. Our programs will help prepare you to take CPA licensure tests that will make you even more valuable and well-trained to meet the needs of clients.


If you’re good at fixing things, the gig economy is a great fit for you. Many people are hiring someone to lend a hand for different projects, so handymen have many options in the gig economy. From setting up a new appliance, to fixing some pipes, or just moving something heavy, there are a huge variety of needs to be met. 

There is an ever-growing need for people who can work with their hands and fix things, and are available on-demand. If you fit this criteria, you should consider getting regular gigs and creating connections and opportunities to create a real gig economy system through this kind of work.

Security testing.

Some companies are hiring “penetration testers” on a freelance basis. Basically, these cybersecurity professionals will test a company’s network for vulnerabilities. They will try to hack in, and see if an actually cyber criminal could hack in. Then, they help create systems that will protect data and keep hackers out. These independent contractors have important skills that make them vital for companies.

This kind of gig is extremely lucrative, and very niche. Small and large companies alike want to hire these freelance testers so they are constantly improving and keeping sensitive data and information safe. This means the income is high for these kinds of gigs. If this kind of job sounds perfect for you, get your degree at WGU so you have the training and credentials you need to take on this job. WGU offers a degree and certifications, so you can be sure that you will rise above the competition, and be seen as a perfect fit for an organization.

Freelance programmer.

Some companies need website and developer help, but don’t want to hire a whole workforce of IT professionals to do the work. This is where freelance programmers come in. Organizations often will have very specific tasks or projects that need to be done by a freelance programmer, making it easy for you to know exactly what’s expected and what work needs to be done. 

The right degree will make sure that you’re qualified and prepared to take on whatever employment come your way. WGU’s IT programs can help you be ready for these freelance gigs by offering a degree and certifications that will benefit your resume.

Gig economy apps.

There are a wide variety of apps that utilize gig economy workers, or that can help gig economy workers find jobs. Consumers and workers alike can benefit from these apps, and they work with both sides to help the gig economy thrive.

Uber and Lyft.

Uber and Lyft are popular gig economy jobs, and the apps help consumers find members of this workforce. Consumers are able to get around town with a Lyft, instead of having a car, or using mass transit or a taxi. They can simply pull up their destination and find a driver close by who can get them there. They are able to see the cost of the ride, the type of vehicle, and more, all through the app. 

This ride-sharing concept has gotten extremely popular over the past few years as more consumers have grown to trust and rely on this type of transportation. Many people have found that this is a profitable job option for them.

The app also allows workers to find people who need rides, and make money. The app is a central hub for both parties to connect.

Amazon Flex.

Amazon utilizes an app to find gig economy workers who are willing to act as delivery drivers for their goods. Amazon Flex helps this large company find people local to areas where they don’t have large warehouses or hubs, who can become freelance employees and deliver items. 

Amazon Flex allows gig economy workers to look and see where Amazon needs delivery drivers, as well as utilize a single app to get their entire instruction on the job, and payment. Having all the information about a freelance position in a single source is very beneficial and simple for gig economy workers to utilize.


Fiverr is a popular freelance job website for specially trained workers. Consumers who need specific help with things like graphic design, writing, or marketing can utilize Fiverr to help them connect with gig economy workers in those areas. Fiverr is ideal for many gig economy workers just starting out, trying to get experience and find employment that is a good fit. 

Fiverr allows gig economy workers to look at the kind of work being requested, and always have a wealth of opportunities that they can find. For the consumer, it makes it easier to find people who are trained in the right areas and can offer the services they need.  Fiverr is especially popular with smaller businesses and startups who don’t want to hire full-time employees, but may have long term gigs available.

A degree at WGU in marketing or business can help you be prepared for a gig economy job by giving you the training that companies utilizing freelance apps like Fiverr are looking for. If this kind of work sounds interesting to you, it may be time to get a degree so you can be more marketable and attractive to potential employers.


SpareHire is a popular freelance app for finance professionals who are looking for “side hustle” or side gigs to help them make extra money. Accountants and other financial experts are often utilized for individual or business needs through SpareHire and similar freelance apps. 

A degree from WGU in accounting or business could be the perfect way to get your foot in the door with this kind of gig work. SpareHire helps gig economy workers find jobs that are for-hire specifically, and allows them to have flexibility of freelance work. SpareHire takes the stress out of finding a freelance job, as there are many bids and many consumers always looking for financial help. Consumers also appreciate having a singular app that can help them get the employee they need, and get the freelance job done.


Freelancer is a popular gig app for businesses who are looking for services on a freelance basis. This gig app is especially popular for software developers, web designers, and other tech experts. Companies utilize freelancer to help them find employees, usually for a longer term, but on a freelance basis. They want the option of finding someone for specific projects or needs. Often freelancers are kept on by organizations, so this kind of gig could be a great fit.

WGU can help you get the IT training you need to be competitive and attractive to organizations hoping to hire software developers and tech experts. Once you have a degree and certifications, putting your resume on Freelancer will make you stand out and get gigs that could be very lucrative and beneficial for your freelance career.


If you own property that you don’t utilize all the time, AirBnB is a great gig economy option. AirBnB allows consumers to search for rooms, apartments, or homes they want to stay at during their vacation or trip. The app connects consumers with property owners and allows a safe, secure transaction between the two.

AirBnB is a great option for gig economy workers who have extra property or are looking to invest in real estate to make money. The app helps facilitate exchanges in a very straightforward way, ensuring that both sides are satisfied. 

If you're ready to move forward with a freelance job, you'll want to look at the best way to get the skills necessary. For many gig jobs, that means getting a degree. WGU can help you get a degree without going into debt, and on your schedule. You can continue doing your current gig or freelance job while attending school, and then move on to an even more lucrative one. Whatever path you take into the gig economy, WGU can help.

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