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January 8, 2020

Student Success

5 ways WGU makes earning an online degree easier.

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“What is the easiest degree to get online?” If you’re Googling this, chances are you’re in a position where you know that you want and need higher education, but aren't sure the right path to your diploma. 

Getting any kind of degree is going to take hard work and time. And it should. That's why degrees are valuable. It will take time, dedication, learning, and study in order to earn that diploma. At traditional schools and online schools alike, you can expect you'll have to work hard in order to earn your degree.

But sometimes earning a degree is much harder than the coursework and study. There are many obstacles that can be in the way, making it much more difficult than it needs to be to earn a degree. Here at WGU, we focus on removing those obstacles and barriers so you have a clear, straightforward path to a diploma. Here are 5 ways WGU makes it easier to earn an online degree. 

1. You won't spend time relearning things you already know.

One element that makes earning a degree difficult is when you have to spend time relearning things you already know. WGU has competency-based education which means that you can move quickly through material you already know. Whether your experience or prior education has taught you certain things, you can move past them faster and onto the things you need to spend more time learning. You are completely in control of your program speed at WGU.

If you’re a fast learner or have more time to devote to study, you can move through your classes quickly. If there’s a concept that’s harder to understand, you can take more time really learning it well.

This also means you can use your past experience and knowledge to get through your courses even faster. And because our tuition is charged per-term instead of per-credit, moving faster means you pay less for your degree! 

2. You'll have the flexibility you need to do the work.

You may have a full-time job, family responsibilities, or not even live near a college or university. That can make earning a degree extremely difficult. But with online education at WGU, competency-based education means that you can earn your degree from anywhere, at any time.

You can do your courses at night, after your kids go to bed. You can do your courses on the weekends after the workweek is done. You can do your courses wherever you live in the United States, whenever works the very best for you. We want to remove the difficulty of going to class at certain times or having to log in and do lectures. At WGU, you're in control of your program and class schedule.

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3. You can afford it.

Expensive tuition is often a huge barrier for students getting a degree. At WGU, we don't want that to be an obstacle in your way. Our tuition nearly half of what you’d pay at other online universities, making us the best option for you. We charge a flat-rate per six-month term instead of per credit, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay to earn your degree. Our competitive prices vary based on the program you choose, and you can learn more about the specifics on our tuition page.

We are committed to keeping tuition low so you have little to no student debt. Our Responsible Borrowing Initiative is there to help you pay down your student debt even faster. We also offer many scholarships that can make our low tuition even more affordable. You can also apply for federal financial aid to help cut the cost of your tuition even more.

4. You'll have the support you need.

When getting a degree, it's important to have the support of faculty and mentors. Not having this support can make getting a degree extremely challenging. Some students find it's hard to connect to a faculty member who has hundreds of students to help. And sometimes advisors have busy schedules, and it's hard to make time to connect with them. Here at WGU, we make it easier to get the support you need to earn a degree.

Our faculty and Program Mentors are with you every step of the way. You'll have regular meetings with your Program Mentor to ensure you have everything you need, and the instructor for each of your classes can be reached quickly when you have questions or concerns. We want you to have all the support you need to earn a degree. 

5. You can get a job when you graduate.

Some students worry that their degree won't actually prepare them for a career. Here at WGU, we want to give you a degree that will directly lead to a job in the field you love. Our degree programs are built to make sure you’re prepared to continue or move into a new career. And employers love WGU grads. 97% of employers said WGU graduates meet or exceed expectations, 94% said they would hire another WGU graduate, and 97% said that their WGU graduates were well-prepared for their jobs.

Each and every one of our programs are meant to specifically prepare you for a career. Ultimately, your success is our goal.

"What's the easiest degree to get online," you ask? While no worthwhile degree will be a cakewalk to earn, WGU removes obstacles that make getting a degree even harder. We want you to have accessibility and options when it comes to earning a degree, so we've taken down barriers to make earning a degree as simple as possible. Get started on the easier to a path to a degree with WGU.

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