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Why Teaching is Still a Career Worth Pursuing

Aug 25, 2011

If you’ve been considering a career in teaching, continued discussion about education cutbacks, public school budgets, and the job outlook for the education industry may have you wondering about your choice. Luckily, for an aspiring educator with the passion and heart to tackle a challenge, the reality of a teaching career is extremely rewarding. We recently looked at the job market for teachers, and found that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs are growing, with roughly 1.9 million jobs available for preschool to postsecondary school teachers.

Here are 5 reasons why teaching is a career that is well worth pursuing.

1. Online education makes it more convenient to become a teacher. If you have the passion for education and want to get started as soon as possible, earning a teaching degree online may be for you! It’s a simple, efficient way to launch your fulfilling career. There are so many options for how to specialize your teaching degree, and completing your studies online allows you to pursue this passion anytime, anywhere. Similarly, if you’re already a teacher and want to make yourself more valuable as an employee, earning your master’s degree in education online can prove an extremely valuable career move.

Learn about your state’s teacher licensure requirements.

2. Non-traditional teaching demands are high. If you’re willing to work in a city center or in a rural community, you’ll find the demand for qualified teachers is high. There are some cities in more rural western states where they are so desperate for teachers, they are having to consider non-degreed individuals. Similarly, if you go into special education, math, science, or English as a second language, there are always jobs available. There are also many online universities and schools that are looking for non-traditional, qualified teachers to help their students.

3. Teaching salaries are rising. Many people shy away from teaching due to stereotypes about low salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, median salaries for K–12 teachers fell in the $50,000 range, which is up from previous years. Postsecondary teacher salaries are even higher. With continued job prospect growth expected over the next 10 years, teacher salaries will also continue to rise, making it worth your while to spend the money for a teaching degree.

4. Flexible hours and holidays can be a real perk. Teachers generally get summers off, a long winter and spring break, and more. While many people are still at their desks at 6:00, most teachers have the option to be home by 4:00. There is some after-hours work with grading or lesson planning, but often teachers find the flexibility of their schedule and holiday options a huge perk.

5. Teaching is a fulfilling profession. Ask most teachers and they’ll tell you that, while it can be difficult, their career is extremely fulfilling. Helping young minds make connections and learn is something many people don’t experience every day. Many teachers find that helping shape the future leaders of the world is something they can’t put enough value on.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why pursuing a career in teaching is a good idea. Are you a teacher or in the market to become one? We want to hear from you: How does the job market look to you, and what advice do you have for other aspiring teachers?

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