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WGU Missouri Announces $20,000 in Scholarships for First Responders

Nonprofit, competency-based university to award 20 scholarships for students who apply by March 3, 2019

Nov 14, 2018

ST. LOUIS —To show appreciation for the sacrifices first responders make on a daily basis, WGU Missouri has announced it will award $20,000 in scholarships to those first responders who are interested in furthering their education.  The First Responder Appreciation Scholarship is valued at up to $2,000 per student and is open to new students in any of the more than 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offered at WGU Missouri in the areas of business, information technology, education, and health professions, including nursing. Applications are being accepted through March 3, 2019. 

“This is a wonderful way for WGU Missouri to show support for first responders and recognize what they do to keep the community safe,” said Carolyn Moore, a fire captain with the City of St. Louis Fire Department, who was recently awarded a scholarship of her own to WGU Missouri and is pursuing a Master of Science in Management and Leadership. “By offering this new scholarship, WGU is providing additional opportunities for first responders to access a curriculum that gives them flexibility in achieving their educational goals.”

The scholarships will be applied at the rate of $500 per six-month term, renewable for up to four terms. While multiple scholarships will be awarded, this is a competitive program, and scholarships will be granted based on a candidate’s academic record, financial need, readiness for online study and current competency, as well as other considerations.

“We count first responders among our enrolled student body and understand the role they play in protecting our communities, upholding the law and saving lives,” said Dr. Angie Besendorfer, Chancellor of WGU Missouri. “We at WGU Missouri appreciate everything they do for our community and are offering this scholarship to not only honor their bravery but to also provide those who are interested in continuing their education with an even more affordable path to earning their degrees and advancing their careers.”

Designed to meet the needs of adult learners, WGU Missouri’s competency-based education model allows students to take advantage of their knowledge and experience to move quickly through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn. Students complete their programs by studying on schedules that fit their lives, advancing as soon as they demonstrate that they have mastered subject matter. WGU faculty members work one-on-one with students as mentors, offering guidance, support and individualized instruction. While WGU Missouri’s degree programs are rigorous and challenging, competency-based learning makes it possible for students to accelerate their progress, saving both time and money.

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