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WGU Ohio Awards $2,000 Scholarship to Premier Health Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nov 19, 2018

TROY — WGU Ohio has awarded Craig Hoying, a lead nuclear medicine technologist at Premier Health’s Upper Valley Medical Center, a $2,000 scholarship to help him continue to further his education at the university.

Hoying is pursuing an MBA with the goal of advancing his career and pursuing additional leadership responsibilities.

“Our current manager started out as the lead technologist of our department, so I would essentially be following in his footsteps,” Hoying said. “Even though it is not required to have an MBA at the manager level, earning an MBA will unquestionably help with skillsets such as managing and leading others as well as balancing the department finances that I would be responsible for. These types of areas were not covered in my nuclear medicine technology degree so they would certainly be beneficial for my profession.”

WGU tuition is about half the cost of most other online universities, helping students graduate with little or no student debt. Additionally, the university maintains a robust program of scholarships made available to qualified students.

Hoying is one of 58 Premier Health employees who are currently pursuing or have earned bachelor’s or master’s degrees through WGU’s unique, competency-based approach to education -- an ideal match for busy, working adults who need a degree to advance their careers.

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