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Bachelor of Science

Online Cybersecurity
and Information Assurance Degree

3rd Party Certifications Included in this Degree


Prepare for an Exciting Career Fighting Cyber Crime with an Online Cybersecurity Degree


Hackers and cyber criminals launch new, sophisticated computer viruses, malware, and scams every day that threaten the data our society relies on. In fact, research shows that hackers drain an estimated $600 billion annually from the world economy. WGU's online cybersecurity bachelor's degree will help you be prepared to outsmart these cybercriminals and be the frontline of support for governments and top organizations as a cyber security pro. WGU’s online B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance degree program was designed with input from cyber security experts and leading IT employers to meet the most recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and National Security Agency (NSA) guidelines. This program has also helped WGU receive the designation of a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense through 2026.

The WGU cybersecurity program also boasts 14 top certifications that allow you to start boosting your résumé before you even graduate. This whole online cybersecurity program is designed to help you earn while you learn, giving you cyber security certification options and allowing you to continue to work while pursuing your online cyber security degree. 

70% of students finish within 

21 Months

WGU lets you move more quickly through material you already know and advance as soon as you're ready. The result: You may finish faster.


Tuition per six-month term is


Tuition charged per term—rather than per credit—helps you control the ultimate cost of your degree. Finish faster, pay less!


Certifications in this program


This online cybersecurity and information assurance program includes 15 top industry certifications, helping enhance your résumé before you even graduate.

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Cybersecurity Courses

The bachelor’s online degree program in cybersecurity and information assurance was designed, and is regularly updated, with input from the experts on our Information Technology Program Council, ensuring you learn best practices in systems and services, networking and security, scripting and programming, data management, and the business of IT. Your online cyber security degree is sure to boost your résumé and prepare you for an exciting future.

Earning this degree in cyber security, designed by industry experts, adds theoretical depth to the practical IT knowledge you already have. Our Information Technology Program Council are industry experts who know exactly what it takes for a tech graduate with a online degree in cyber security to be successful in their field.

This program consists of the following courses. Some may be waived through transfer from your previous college experience. The rest you typically will complete one at a time as you make your way through your degree program, working with your Program Mentor each term to build your personalized Degree Plan. You’ll work through each course as quickly as you can study and learn the material. As soon as you’re ready, you’ll pass the assessment, complete the course, and move on. This means you can finish as many courses as you're able in a term at no additional cost.

Secure Systems Analysis & Design
Network and Security
IT Fundamentals
Data Management
Risk Management
Web and Cloud Security
Ethics & Cyber Law
Wireless & Mobile Technologies
Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Business of IT
Operating Systems
Information Assurance
Scripting and Programming
Hacking Countermeasures and Techniques
General Education

33 Courses

Program consists of 33 courses

At WGU, we design our curriculum to be timely, relevant, and practical—all to ensure your degree is proof you really know your stuff.

Capstone Project

Special requirements for this program

At the end of your program, you will complete a capstone project that represents the culmination of all your hard work—this project consists of a technical work proposal, the proposal’s implementation, and a post-implementation report that describes the graduate’s experience. 


“If you can hold yourself accountable, then WGU is the way to go. The price is excellent, [and] the competency based approach means you feel pride in every class you pass.”

—Detron Phillips
B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Why WGU?

Earning Potential

According to a 2021 Harris Poll, just two years after graduation, WGU grads report earning $18,200 more per year, and that amount increases to $25,900 four years after graduation.

On Your Schedule

No class times, no assignment deadlines. You are in charge of your learning and schedule. You can move through your courses as quickly as you master the material, meaning you can graduate faster.

Entirely Online

The cloud computing bachelor's degree at WGU is 100% online, which means it works wherever you are. You can do your coursework at night after working at your full-time job, on weekends, while you're traveling the world or on vacation—it's entirely up to you.

Accredited, Respected,

One important measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where it was earned. When employers, industry leaders, and academic experts hold your alma mater in high esteem, you reap the benefits of that respect. WGU is a pioneer in reinventing higher education for the 21st century, and our quality has been recognized. 



3rd Party Cybersecurity Certifications Included


An online degree in cyber security can increase your career options, earning potential, and opportunities for advancement. The billion-dollar cyber security industry is facing a shortage of qualified cyber security professionals—and an online degree in cyber security that also includes top cyber security industry certifications at no extra cost qualifies you to join the field and start making a difference. 

With no added time or cost to you, this cybersecurity program currently incorporates certifications including, but not limited to:  CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Project+, CompTIA Security+, (ISC)2 certs and more. The cost of these certifications are also included in your tuition price, helping you save money as you enhance your skills. Earning certifications on the path to your degree gives you the knowledge, skills, and credentials that will immediately boost your résumé—even before you complete your degree program.

  • A+ 
  • Network+ 
  • Security+ 
  • Project+ 
  • CySA+
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional
  • Network Security Professional
  • Security Analytics Professional
  • PenTest+
  • IT Operations Specialist
  • Secure Infrastructure Specialist
  • ITIL®*^ Foundation Certification

*Subject to vendor availability.
^ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

  • LPI Linux Essentials

As well as:


  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) – Associate of (ISC)² designation
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) – Associate of (ISC)² designation


An Affordable Online Cybersecurity Degree

By charging per six-month term rather than per credit—and empowering students to accelerate through material they know well or learn quickly—WGU helps students control the ultimate cost of their degrees. The faster you complete your program, the less you pay for your degree.

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Pay less by completing your program faster

A College Degree Within Reach

There is help available to make paying for school possible for you:

The average student loan debt of WGU graduates in 2021 (among those who borrowed) was less than half* the national average.

Most WGU students qualify for financial aid, and WGU is approved for federal financial aid and U.S. veterans benefits. 

Find out if you're eligible for the $5,000 WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship or the DoD Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP).


Designed for Professionals with Tech Talent, Competency-Based Education Puts You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Cybersecurity Degree

You’ve worked in tech for years. Your experience, skill, and hard work have gotten you this far, but the next step requires something you don't have: your degree. We believe your experience should count for something. You deserve a bachelor’s degree program that will take into account all the know-how you’ve gained over the years, allowing you to move through courses as quickly as you can prove you've mastered the material. No waiting for other students or the end of the semester. No sitting through classes you could teach. Just a smart, direct path to the degree your career needs and the respect you deserve.

"Honestly, for my lifestyle and career path, WGU has been the best. I've been working in IT for over 20 years. The classes were, for the most part, directly tied to my experience, which made it easier. The certifications are great. Each instructor was helpful as needed and the resources that the program offers are very helpful.”

B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance


A Cyber Security Degree that Leads to a Lucrative and In-Demand Career

Every day, we share data, socialize, and complete transactions in cyberspace, making the need for experts who can protect our information increasingly critical. The knowledge, techniques, and certifications you’ll earn as you complete your cybersecurity and information assurance degree will prepare you to successfully fill the ever-growing demand for information security specialists.

This online cybersecurity degree helps you outsmart top cybercriminals with your skills and knowledge. Every industry and private citizen is counting on our cybersecurity and information assurance experts to detect system vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data. An online degree in cybersecurity allows you to become a crucial member of any security team, protecting reputable organizations and government agencies from attackers. A career in cybersecurity is lucrative, rewarding, and always exciting. Get your online cyber security degree today!

Return on Your Investment


The number of positions for information security analysts is projected to grow by an incredible 31% from 2019 to 2029.

—U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

WGU's Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Grads are Doing Crucial White-Hat Work

Our B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance alumni have great jobs and satisfying careers. Examples of work our cybersecurity grads are doing include:

Job Titles

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Penetration Tester

Diverse Industries

  • Private business
  • Government
  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Colleges and universities

Major Employers

  • AT&T
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Google
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Verizon

WGU Grads Hold Positions With Top Employers


Cybersecurity Admissions Requirements

To be considered for enrollment into this program, you must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent AND demonstrate program readiness through one of the following:

  • Option 1: Submit transcripts documenting completion of college-level coursework with a minimum of 2.5 GPA or higher. 
  • Option 2: Possess a bachelors or associate degree (A.A, A.S. or A.A.S. acceptable) from an accredited post-secondary institution.
  • Option 3: Demonstrate at least two years of IT work experience through resume review.
  • Option 4: Submit official record of completion of a transferable IT certification, some of which may provide transfer credit  into various programs.
  • Option 5: Submit high school transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.75 GPA and a B grade or higher in a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)course. *Only advanced mathematics courses will satisfy this requirement
  • Option 6: Submit transcripts documenting completion of previous IT coursework. IT coursework must be 300 level or higher.

NOTE: You do not need to take the ACT or SAT to be admitted to this program. Learn why we don't require these tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Cybersecurity Degree Programs

WGU is one of the highest rated schools for cybersecurity, receiving top accreditation and awards for the program. This degree program also gives you the opportunity to earn top industry certifications as part of the degree program at no extra cost.

Absolutely. Research shows that 84 percent of cybersecurity job postings require at least a bachelor's degree, while nearly a quarter require at least a master's degree. So earning a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity is critical in helping you be trained and qualified for job opportunities. Cybersecurity degree programs don't have to be expensive or time consuming, making them even more worth your time and money.

There are many kinds of degrees you can earn online including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Accounting
  • Nursing
  • Elementary education
  • Software development
  • Cloud computing
  • Healthcare management
  • Marketing
  • IT management
  • Business management

Cybersecurity degrees tend to be challenging in their computing, coding, and scripting aspects. However, if you have a mind for that kind of work, cybersecurity can be exciting and extremely rewarding. Cybersecurity tends to be less labor intensive than lab-based work, but does take time and dedication to master.

An online bachelor's degree in information systems security or cybersecurity can prepare students for career paths focused on network systems, application security, business continuity, and more. An online bachelor's degree may also be ideal for students who are also working professionals.

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