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Teachers College performance—an impressive class of graduates.

WGU is a pathway for independent achievers to reach their career goals.

Teacher's College Western Governors University

Our graduates go on to lead classrooms and schools with innovative insights they gained from their competency-based education at WGU.

Graduates of the WGU Teachers College include not only many Teacher of the Year recipients, but also recipients of the Gates Millenium Scholarship, Intel Grant for Mathematics and Technology, Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction Award, Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award, Association of Public Charter Schools Educator of the Year Award, and Henry Ford Innovation Nation Teacher Innovator Awards.

Our programs are nationally recognized.

The following programs are nationally recognized by their respective Specialized Professional Association (SPA):

  • TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) for our English-language learning programs (M.A. and endorsement preparation).
  • NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) for all our math education programs that lead to initial teacher licensure (B.S. and MAT).
  • ACEI (American Association of Childhood Education International) for our elementary education programs (B.S., post-baccalaureate, and MAT).
  • NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) for all our science education programs that lead to initial teacher licensure (B.S. and MAT).
  • NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) for our MAT English Education program.

Praxis pass rates.

Across all WGU Teachers College licensure programs, Praxis pass rates on first attempts averaged 84% in 2015–2016, but increased to 92% overall for second attempts. Although fairly high, data for 2016–2017 show slight decreases to 82% in the pass rate for the first attempts, and to 88% for the overall pass rates for second attempts. In 2017-2018 first attempt pass rates held steady at 81%, as did overall pass rates at 88%.

Total pass rate:

Praxis Pass Rate 2015-2016 2015-2016
Praxis Pass Rate 2016-2017 2016–2017
Praxis Pass Rate 2017-2018 2017-2018

First-attempt pass rate:

Praxis Pass Rate 2015-2016 2015–2016
Praxis Pass Rate 2016-2017 2016–2017
Praxis Pass Rate 2017-2018, first-attempt 2017-2018

Average licensure rates.

Western Governors University boasts a 100% licensure rate for all Teachers College graduates who seek licensure. While not all graduates will attempt to get their license, it is noteworthy that every graduate who wants to obtain their teaching license is able to.


100% of all WGU Teachers College graduates who seek licensure obtain their teaching license.

WGU Employment and Hiring Rates

Employment and hiring rates.

Data from the Gallup Index shows that employers hire WGU graduates at higher rates than traditional college students. In fact, 81% of WGU graduates report being employed full time. Data for the Teachers College is lower, reporting that of the graduates of teaching programs only 50% are employed full time. As careers in education continue to change, additional trends are expected to emerge. One trend within our graduate population is a substantially higher full-time employment rate for graduates with advanced degrees.

WGU graduate preparedness.

2017 study

A spring 2017 teacher college survey of completers/graduates who were beginning teachers from 1 to 3 years “out” of their programs found the following:


of teacher college graduates believed their WGU preparation program prepared them extremely well or very well to create a productive learning environment with high expectations for all students.


of teacher college graduates said their WGU program had prepared them extremely well or very well for using professional knowledge and skills to facilitate learning and reflecting on personal and professional biases.

Employer satisfaction rates.

A Nielsen report gives information on employers and their satisfaction with WGU-graduate employees. This report asked employers specific questions about how they would rate their employees and compared them to other graduates.


85% of all employers are generally satisfied with their WGU-prepared employee.


68% of WGU employers rate graduates as extremely or very well prepared.


34% of employer respondents felt that WGU graduates' preparedness is better than graduates of other institutions.

Inspiring stories of WGU-educated teachers.

"My degree (B.A. Special Education) from WGU has allowed me to help both special-needs students and their families, and I've felt well-prepared since day one on the job." Miranda Good
WGU alum
“Half of what I learned from my master’s at WGU is a model for my classroom: tailoring curriculum for each student, checking in with them while giving them freedom, reducing structure and giving room for kids to learn how they learn best.” Joel Bianchi,
M.A. Science Education (Physics)
Teaching Stories Annie Mewborn
Teaching Stories Joel Bianchi
Teaching Stories Fabian Reid
Teaching Stories Adam Harris
Teaching Stories Phyllis Boone
Teaching Stories Samirah Akhlaq

Learn how WGU prepared these teachers.

Read their stories

Western Governors University statistics.

Teachers in nearly every school district across the nation—and many more across the globe.

Western Governors University has alumni all around the country, and 22% of our students are working toward a teaching degree. Our graduates also account for hundreds of teachers in nearly every state, demonstrating the impact that WGU has on school districts everywhere.

Night Owl Connect

Connect with alumni near and far.

The Night Owl Network is an app—think part Facebook, part LinkedIn—where alumni of WGU can connect on professional and personal interest levels. If you loved the mentoring component of WGU, the Night Owl Network extends that to a professional capacity. Connect, share ideas, plan local events ... network how you want to!