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Student Success Starts Here

Your success is our goal.

At WGU, we're obsessed with student success. We provide a variety of resources to help you every step of the way, so your dream of a degree can become a reality.

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Time management.

As an online student, you're balancing school, family, and work. And finding the time for your studies can be difficult with your other responsibilities. Utilize these tips to help you manage your time effectively.

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Study tips.

It can be difficult to find a place and time to study when you have a busy life. It also takes focus to study and do assignments on your schedule without strict deadlines. Learn how to improve your study habits and find success.

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Transferring credits.

If you've already completed some schoolwork, you don't want that time and effort to be wasted. At WGU, we want to make sure any credits you've earned help you. Discover how our transfer process works.

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Paying for school.

You don't need to stress about how you're going to pay your tuition. WGU's tuition is already lower than most online and traditional universities, and we offer a variety of financial aid options to help students afford school! Learn about the financial aid process.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

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Can I change my career?

Have you been wanting to pursue your dream career, but aren't sure how to get started? Whatever industry you're in, whatever your age, WGU can help you get started on the path to your dream career. 


Why choose WGU?

Learn why WGU could work for you. Whatever your current responsibilities are, and whatever reasons you've thought you can't pursue your education, WGU can help you break those barriers.


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Why is college so expensive?

You may catch yourself asking this question, but the truth is that there are many options to help you pay for your education. You can choose from grants, loans, scholarships, and more.


Which degree should I pursue?

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What's the best degree when you're still figuring out your career?

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How much more can I earn with a bachelor's degree?

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Is a master’s degree the new bachelor’s degree?

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Featured articles.

Are you holding yourself back?

Get familiar with college lingo.

Do you attend a college or university?

Meet the Night Owls.

Spotlight Zhane

Zhane combined her education and her love of dance to help her reach underserved students in her community. Learn about her story.

Spotlight Jeff

Jeff transformed his life by pursuing a degree and creating a multi-million dollar organization for nurses. Hear his story.

Spotlight Chris

Chris was a former NCAA player, and used his WGU degree to change his life. Find out about his story.

Explore your options.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Which one is right for you?