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Better Together: Five Education Resolutions for a New Year

Feb 24, 2022

Five Education Resolutions for the New Year

Over the past two years, WGU faculty, staff, and leaders have worked with educators around the country, particularly in our public schools, who have been consumed with change and challenges. To be sure, pandemic-driven logistical lurching, budgetary ups and downs, and painfully divisive politics consumed any time available for strategic conversations about how we, as educators, can lead change for the betterment of our schools, communities, and students. 

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Mark Milliron, Senior Vice President of Western Governors University and Executive Dean of the Teachers College, spoke with members of the Education Team at Google for their YouTube channel, ManifestED. ManifestED was created by Google to address topics across the education ecosystem, from K-12 to ed tech, vocational, and higher education. 

Take a listen as Dr. Milliron shares his insights on resolutions that school districts, teachers, education leaders, policymakers, and others can work toward – together – regarding digital learning infrastructure, reimagining of learning models and competency-based learning, how to champion healthy learning, and balancing educator self-care with professional development.

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