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Business School Changes More Than 100,000 Lives

As the College of Business at Western Governors University celebrates its alumni network of more than 100,000, it is an opportunity to reflect on the lives that have been positively changed through WGU business degrees.

“Our mission at WGU has been and continues to be a focus on creating pathways to opportunity as we change lives through education,” said Mitsu Frazier, senior vice president and executive dean of the College of Business at WGU. “Since our first graduate in 2002 more than 100,000 lives have been changed for the better thanks to degree programs that keep up with the pace of the business world, offer curriculum developed and taught by industry veterans, and lead to new jobs, higher-paying jobs, and promotions.”

A closer look shows that this alumni network is: 

  • A median age of 37,

  • 55% female,

  • 72% who also worked while enrolled, and

  • 63% who were part of historically underserved groups, including 38% being first-generation college students.

David Cinderella is one in 100,000 lives changed. He earned his MBA degree earlier this year and served as a commencement speaker during a WGU ceremony in Seattle. It was there that Cinderella shared he went back to complete his master’s degree after a 34-year “break.” 

“I’ve held various positions in my career in technology, management, and sales. I went from an individual contributor to a first-time manager to a senior manager to finally (serving on) a number of leadership teams, but I never felt I was satisfied, and I thought I could do more,” Cinderella said. “My goal was to be an executive leader, setting company strategy and mentoring the next leadership teams. The WGU MBA program provided me with the tools and knowledge to empower me to take that next step.” 

Sahar Hassan is one in 100,000 lives changed. She earned her MBA degree earlier this year and served as a commencement speaker during a WGU ceremony in Chicago. At that ceremony, Hassan shared she was pregnant and working full-time in the corporate world when she enrolled at WGU. 

“WGU provided the flexibility that I needed to pursue my degree on my time,” Hassan said. “Nothing is ever easy, but with the right resources and grit it can be done.”

Industries and professions positively impacted by WGU’s 100,000 business degree recipients include marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain, human resources, healthcare, IT management and more.

“We persevered. We pushed ourselves. We did it. No matter the reason, whether for yourself, your family or that special person, the fact remains you met the challenge and you succeeded,” Cinderella said. “It’s never too hard. It’s never too late. You’re never too old. And to quote my namesake Cinderella, ‘if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.’”

There are a number of resources and opportunities offered to WGU alumni. Visit here to learn more.


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