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IgnitED Newsletter August Edition

Aug 21, 2023

Sharing Innovative Approaches to Higher Education

Welcome to IgnitED by WGU. This month, we look at highlights from last month’s Impact with Innovation event, hosted with Gallup; Dr. Victor Aluise argues that higher education needs long-term solutions to address rapid change; and WGU Labs discusses the importance of normalizing an undecided track for students. 

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Working Together for Higher Education Reform

“Every one of us is needed to meet the challenges of today, and our work is just getting started,” said WGU President Scott Pulsipher at last month’s Impact with Innovation event co-hosted by WGU and Gallup in Washington D.C.

Nurturing Ownership: Balancing Urgency and Long-Term Solutions

“With higher education facing rapid change, it can be tempting to look for quick fixes and temporary solutions. However, striving for sustainable, long-term solutions ultimately benefits the institution and students, even if it takes more time and experimentation,” writes Dr. Victor Aluise, vice president and dean of the College of Business.

Four Ways to Normalize Being Undecided in College

One strategy: Meta-majors. By clustering programs, students can declare an area or field of interest, without picking a specific major initially.

News We're Reading

Forbes: Several Universities Will Partner With edX To Offer New Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp

According to edX, the online program is designed for learners with little to no prior technical AI training who want to build the AI skills necessary for entry-level technical positions.

Inside Higher Ed: Recapturing American Higher Education’s Lost Promise

The higher ed pipeline is far too leaky. It’s filled with class and racial inequalities. Time to degree is much too long. Postgraduation employment outcomes are way too uncertain.

WGU Student Story

Melissa Knutson
B.S. Nursing (2021) 
Readstown, Wisconsin

Melissa Knutson is passionate about breaking the stigma of mental health. In her role as a mental health nurse in a rural community, Melissa often can be found with more than 100 patients on her roster to tend to. The workload is sometimes heavy, but she believes that without mental health care, the community may face some challenges. Melissa believes that mental health care is just as essential as physical healthcare, yet it is often overlooked. She works tirelessly to advocate for mental health care every day.

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