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OpenPath Newsletter August Edition

Aug 30, 2023

Removing Barriers to Education for All Learners

Welcome to OpenPath. This month, WGU President Scott Pulsipher writes about how higher education can better support students and the economy; WGU Labs outlines the importance of clear career pathways; and Joe Dery, vice president and dean in the WGU College of IT, discusses critical skills that can help students succeed.

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Activating Talent: Is Higher Ed Failing Individuals & the Economy?

"In order for individuals to thrive, they must also be able to apply what they’ve learned to a relevant opportunity,” writes WGU President Scott Pulsipher.

How Clear Career Pathways Empower Learners in the Evolving Job Market

As the workplace landscape transforms, the learners seeking to secure roles in today’s skills-based workforce need clear and consistent bridges between higher education and the workforce.

An Enriched Analytics Program with Business Skills

“In the ever-evolving realm of data analytics, the ability to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of information is a prized skill,” argues Joe Dery, vice president and dean of data analytics, computer science, and software engineering in WGU’s College of IT.

President Scott Pulsipher Launches Progress

Progress will challenge readers to think differently about talent, opportunity, and education. Offering WGU President Scott Pulsipher’s unique perspective on how to reinvent our education and workforce systems to change lives for the better, the newsletter will draw on learnings uncovered at WGU and feature data and perspectives from other leading educators, policymakers, business leaders, and thought leaders.

News We're Reading

Inside Higher Ed: New Analysis Finds Most Families Can’t Cover College Costs

A new data analysis from the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that most students have unmet need and experience gaps between what their families can pay and their college costs. Those gaps are significantly larger for students of color and low-income students compared to white students on average.

Campus Technology: Report Finds Microcredentials Poorly Understood or Utilized by American Workers But Critical for Professional Development

A new research report by global technology company D2L, suggests that while American workers are interested in upskilling in their careers, they have little understanding of the value of microcredentials and how to go about obtaining them.

WGU Student Story

Obianuju Akusoba
B.S. Software Development (2021) 
Jersey City, New Jersey

Obianuju (Obi) was the first president of the WGU Women in Tech (WinTech) student club. As the club president, Obi established an accountability group, weekly
study hall, professional development channel, and a mentoring group, and engaged speakers for monthly live sessions. When Obi graduated in 2021, she expressed her desire to remain active in WinTech and began working to establish an alumni group. With Obi's dedication, commitment, and engagement, the membership has grown to around 2,300 WGU current students and alumni.

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