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WGU Receives Global Recognition for EdTech Leadership

Jun 22, 2023

Western Governors University earned a Power Learner Potential Organization Award from 1EdTech Consortium™ (1EdTech), the world-leading non-profit, edtech collaborative, at the 2023 Learning Impact Conference.

The newly created 1EdTech award is given annually to organizations leading the way in creating innovative, open and trusted ecosystems that power learner potential. 

"Being honored with the Power Learner Potential Organization Award from 1EdTech is both an affirmation of WGU's relentless drive to provide transformative learning experiences and a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation, openness and trust. We are immensely proud to stand among the distinguished members recognized this year for our collective efforts in boosting achievement opportunities, elevating learner success and fundamentally shaping the future of education," said Sarah DeMark, interim provost at WGU. 

WGU has been leading the charge in the adoption of digital credentials and utilizing open data standards to represent learner achievements and skills. Digital credentials make learner achievements understandable by representing high-valued market skills and allow them to be shared and celebrated by our learners with the audience of their choosing. For example, Brent Capriotti, senior lead for Skills Transformation, has played a significant role as co-chair on the Digital Credentials Project Group, which helps open standards evolve to represent the robust nature and significance of achievements.

“Academic and other achievements are no longer bound by a stale transcript, but are meant to serve our learners transparently and with real value in the market as they earn them across their life's journey,” said Darin Hobbs, vice president of Academic Records, Credentials and Career at WGU.

1EdTech is a future-focused member organization where some of the most innovative educational providers and technology companies collaborate to improve digital learning solutions and prepare for future challenges. Through collaborations and standards that work for all stakeholders, members create solutions that enable transformative digital learning experiences, personalized learner journeys, boost achievement opportunities and improve learner success. 

“Getting to the future of education requires cross-boundary leadership spanning IT and curriculum and instruction from stakeholders across K-12, Higher Education, suppliers, governments and philanthropic funders,” said Rob Abel, 1EdTech CEO. “Our Power Learner Potential Awards recognize those organizations that go above and beyond to take those collaborations to the next level to address the key educational leadership imperatives of our time.” 

1EdTech recognized 17 of its nearly 900 members with Power Learner Potential Awards for 2023. 

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